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Horrible terrible company

Submitted this review about Express Vanlines
Review made Live: 10/1/2014 7:41:00 PM
I will admit I was beyond stupid and did the quote all over the phone but when i listed the items that I had to move he did not quote them correctly. My original quote was $1300.00 by the time they loaded my stuff my amount due was over $2,864. They were to pick up my items on Friday, I received a call wed. night requesting that the company come to my house to drop off moving material, I agreed. They also asked if they could come get my stuff on Thursday morning opposed to Friday I agreed when I was told by picking it up early it could be delivered on Sunday or Monday. When they came to drop off the material I was informed that they were going to charge me the shuttle fee because the tractor/trailer could not get into my apartment, I understand I signed to this on the agreement however my stuff was delivered in the same truck that loaded my stuff a normal size moving truck but yet they refuse to refund the $750.00 because it is at their discretion. Alex, was the most rude person I have ever met in my life, him alone made me want to cancel the delivery but at this point I had paid so much money I couldn't loose it. I was up until 2am packing my stuff so they could pick up early, thur morning only 1 guy showed up. He packed my furniture and then loaded the truck, he was extremely nice and helpful. I was told via the phone (ALWAYS GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING) that by allowing them to pick up my stuff early I would have it within a few days they LIED. I received an email telling me that my stuff would arrive 1-4 weeks, when I emailed Jason he told me the email was worse case scenario... I emailed 3 times and finally was told that my stuff would be delivered 1 week later. The same person who loaded my stuff delivered my stuff which I liked because he was nice however it was only one guy moving and unloading.. When the truck arrive they had tied down another customer coach, lamp, picture & other furniture to the outside of the truck, he had to untie all of there stuff to open the truck to get to my stuff.. The truck was so over loaded he had to put 4 of my boxes in the front seat. My mattress had a hole in it from the door, my desk was split, my night stand had a missing leg, my vacuum was missing pieces, my daughters head board had splits in the wood.. All of my furniture was brand new but after they delivered it pieces are broken, scuffs, wood split and they take no responsibility. I will say Jason was extremely nice in the beginning he tells you everything you want to hear but when things go south he won't answer your calls or emails. This was the worst experience of my life.