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Submitted this review about EZ Movers
Review made Live: 9/26/2013 7:08:00 PM
I don't even know where to start. IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR TIME AND MONEY, DON'T TRUST EZ MOVERS. Unfortunately, I found the online reviews after I signed the contract with them. I called the EZ Movers representative (Daniel) and I told him about my concerns regarding the reviews. I told him that I was short in money for the move and that I could not afford big changes in price, as the reviews were pointing out. I asked him for a home estimate. The representative told me that they don't offer this service, but he calmed me down saying that I had a small move and that if the inventory were accurate, I wouldn't have any problems. From our conversation, he convinced me to keep the contract. He was very persuasive and assured me that later I could do any adjustments I needed in my inventory. I moved from Minneapolis, MN to Denver, CO. I had, in the quote done over phone, 39 items included in my inventory. I had in my inventory 2 full beds. Later, I realized I had 2 queen beds instead of 2 full beds. I called EZ movers office before the moving date and Daniel informed me that this change would add around 100 dollars to the price I received in my quote ($1301, 44). When the movers arrived, I had fewer items than were registered on my quote: I had 16 boxes instead of 20, I had only 1 bookshelf instead of 2, I had 33 total items in my actual move. The driver told me that, even with the less stuff I had, the price WOULD ONLY REMAIN THE SAME in case I would only take 1 queen mattress instead of 2 (!!!!!!!). When I argued with him saying that the EZ Movers representative gave me a different price, that’s what he said: “well, it is very easy for them to be in the office giving quotes. I’m the one who comes and sees the things. If I take items that exceed the volume in the quote, I will have to pay for that in our warehouse when we transfer your stuff from one truck to the other and I won’t take that risk”. I felt hopeless, betrayed, and abused by EZ Movers at that point. The representative assured me over the phone that I could made adjustments on site, but the driver didn’t give me that option. Long story short, the driver agreed to keep the price in the original quote from Daniel in case I would leave some stuff out, including one queen mattress (I left behind one microwave, one night stand, one black cube, one bookshelf, 2 folding chairs, and I had only 16 boxes instead of the 20 I had in my inventory. I asked the driver to calculate how much it would cost me to bring the second mattress (even though it should be just a matter of adjusting the size/price of it in the inventory) and he gave me a price over $400 to bring the mattress. I could not afford to pay this extra amount of money, and therefore, I left the mattress behind, too. I filled a claim after my move and they told me that I would receive an answer in 30 days. THEY DID NOT CONTACT ME. I called them a week after the deadline they gave me. The solution? THEY DID NOT ADJUST THE PRICE I PAID AND SAID THAT THE CLAIM WAS SOLVED EVEN THOUGH I DID NOT RECEIVE ANY COMMUNICATION FROM THEM!!!! They didn't acknowledge any of my complaints and suggested me to look for a lawyer to further discuss my "issues". Please believe me, I never wrote a review before, but I feel so abused right now that I thought I could help others to do not make the same mistake I did. PLEASE, FOR YOUR OWN SAKE, DO NOT TRUST EZ MOVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!