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They should rename themselves as last choice moving

Submitted this review about First Choice Movng & Storage
Review made Live: 7/2/2012 1:46:00 PM
I have had the worst possible experience with these movers. 1. Their pick up driver (Simon) came and asked us for more money then the estimate even when I had provided everything in detail and my inventory was accurate. We had to pay as we were booked on a flight next morning. 2. The driver forgot to take a cabinate which was included in the estimate. He told me to leave it at a friends place and text him the address, which I did the same day. He then would not answer my phone, and never did the pickup even after repeated reminders. 3. Most of the time they did not have nay status on the move. They would call up CO despatch where no one aswered the phone most of the time. They would say they would call beack (as many as 4 instances of this) but never did. The lady at the CO despatch finally gave up on finding a truck for my move and told me to contact their HQ. 4. I was promised that they would call me and tell me the details of the driver and when he would be arriving (standard stuff with every mover). I got no call from them. The driver called me a day before coming over to drop my stuff. They has no details of when my stuff was reaching. 5. They initially said that I needed to ensure that a 28 ft truck could come over to my house, which was possible. They came with a big rig with 53 ft trailer, which obviousle did not fit. I had to pay extra charges for long carry. 6. Some of the stuff is missing and damaged. I have given up on these guys. They are the worst possible option for your move. Do not even consider them. They work under 3 different names which you can hear if you call their 1-877-611-0379 number.