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My bad experience with this Movers Co.

Submitted this review about First Class American Movers Corp
Review made Live: 1/3/2011 2:51:00 PM
Do Not Use This Company To Move Your Possessions!!!!!!!!! It all starts when I request a Quote in the Internet. I receive messages and calls by the hundreds. I’m 70 years old and with little experience in computers I didn’t Review this First Class American Movers. (BIG MISTAKE). At first the price quoted to move from CT to Winter Park FL for a bedroom apartment was $900 US equal to 300Cubic feet. I decided to leave my furniture beyond and pack every thing else in boxes so it will be easy to handle and measure. Leslie, the person on the other end of the line said that it was going to be cheaper that way so for a 1 Desk, 3 pieces of China and 50 boxes it added to 270 cf. The new quote include 3 guys loading and unloading, tax, tolls, diesel, insurance, etc, etc, etc. They will charge extra for packing if needed. The new amount was US$ 810.00 The day arrived and they didn’t show up in the morning as promised instead the come at 2 pm. every thing was in boxes and wrapped in plastic. I took good care that I will not exceed the amount of cubic feet; by my measured it added 290cf. These two persons arrive and start loading into a rented Penske truck and they explain that it was going to be transferred to a larger truck in New Bergen, NJ. I help them with the loading and I start noticing that they were leaving to many blank spaces. I referred that to the person in charge but he said no to worried that they will consider. They finish the loading in two hours, I was expecting the amount of cf was going to be a bit larger because the way they load this track. The person in charge starts saying that he was going to give me a good price and he was going to charge me only 500cf. WHAT!!!!! (Was my exclamation) and how in the hell you come with 500 cf. He said that the truck is measured to now it by visualizing. BULL SH… Lets go and get a tape measure to see how much it is. I claim into the tuck with him and took the distances: width =8ft X Height = 6ft X deep = 7ft total= 336cf X US$ 3.00 = US$ 1,008. HIS price $1,500. We start arguing and ask to talk to his manager which I did, I call Leslie but guess what she was not there, so I talk to Michel who was the person all ways answer the phone. Michel pass the ball to Shannon who seen to understand my problem and she recommended that let the truck go that she will go to the Company and take the measures her self. “O” No I said this truck will not leave with my things. This argument lasted at least 45 minutes talking back and for. We finally agree that I will let the truck go with my belonging and she will go to take a look when the truck arrives to the warehouse mean wile they will charge me for 450cf = US$ 1350.00 The first amount paid was 10% = $81.00 and 40 % after loading. These guys ask me for 80% witch I refused to pay and we start another argument. Is 80%, no is 40%, we ending talking to Shannon again and agree to pay 40%. I gave him my Credit card and guess what? This guy said he wants cash. Are you crazy!!!! I paid the first time with credit card and I were planning to pay the rest with credit card, well I don’t have a way to charge you with credit card because my company did not give us any thing to use for that type of payment. Consequently I call Shannon again. I explain that Leslie never mention cash payment and I do not have the cash they are asking, she ended by taking the 40 % payment over the phone and place the amount of $540.00 at my credit card. We finally got to the point of signing the papers witch consequently were only fill with my name and a few information about the belongings. I signed because I wanted this mess to finish; he was going to leave with out giving me the copies witch I had to claim him to surrender these copies. Now guess what? This is what he said to me. Where is our tip? What!!!! Are you kidding? We worked so hard!! So! Were you expecting I would load the truck? We dint have nothing to eat (he reply) Is this my fault? The company doesn’t pay us well. We make $10.00 per hour and worked so hard. (This conversation worried me tremendously; I start thinking that they will break down my boxes looking for values to take in revenge.) Stupid me I ended given in $20.00 tip. After they leave I got in touch with Shannon because Leslie still out of the picture and Michel still answer the phone. I explain the whole situation to Shannon and she leasing to the whole story and fell sorry for me and she will make sure that these guys will never work again and so, and so. And she will see that I get a discount of the total price. I’m in FL now and 7 days later I do not know where my belongs are. I call in every day and Michel doe not answer the phone any more and Leslie is out sick so Shannon is the only person who faces the music. She keep saying that the truck is on the way but she can not give me a day of deliver because they do many stops before they get to my place in Orlando. As far as I know the truck is in Georgia but not day of delivery yet. Shannon said that she talk to her manager and agree to reduce my cost $193.00 from the total in cash. I will have to pay $500.00 What a nightmare!!! Relocation Details Job No: F413938 Representative: Michael Move Type: Residential Long Distance, 1163 miles Estimated Volume: 270 cf. (1890 lbs) $3.00 per cf Requested Date of Move: Wednesday, 11/10/2010 Reference By: VANLINES.COM Created on: 09/16/2010 Relocation Estimate Basic Estimate Price $810.00 Door to door full service $0.01 All fuel,taxes,tolls,mileage incl. $0.01 Free Padding of all furniture incl. $0.01 Liability insurance incl. $0.01 1st Month of free storage incl. (if needed) $0.01 Total Moving Quote $810.05 Understanding Your Quote Thank you for allowing First Class American Movers the opportunity to provide you with an estimate for your long distance move. Our professional staff will gladly answer any questions that you may have in regards to your move.Our long distance basic charge includes: * Taxes* Tolls* Diesel* loading and unloading* Assembling and disassembling (standard items)* Mileage* All blanket wrapping of basic furniture* Insurance coverageNot included: All packing of boxes, and fragile items such as:* TV's* Mirrors * Glass Tops* And other breakable items. * All packing materials will be extra.Other services such as Long Carry, Stairs, and Shuttle fees may apply.Please remember that this is an estimate based on the information that has been given to us by you. If there are any additional items, cubic feet or pounds they will be charged at the given rate. Payments20% XXXdeposit of the estimate is required in order to reserve your truck, crew and date this may be paid by credit card. This deposit will be deducted from the total move and is only refundable if given 72 hours notice.60% XXXOf the total balance is due at pick-up, this may be paid by cash, certified/bank check or money order. 40% XXX(Balance) is due upon delivery of items. This may be paid by cash or postal money order only.We look forward to working closely with you on your relocation. If you have any questions or concerns you may contact your customer service representative. A week when by and I start calling from FL to see when the truck will arrive, the number of excuses were unbelievable, but I pretend to believe. Thank given day arrived and had no better new. Finally they got tire of giving me excuses and they shift the ball back to Leslie who is being out for 10 day. She explains to be sick and she will find out where our load was. She calls me late that afternoon and said. We are very sorry but you will get your load in a week because the truck broke down and was being repair. SO the goods where still in NJ. Waited till Monday and I call back to Leslie. She didn’t work Thursday, Friday and Saturday do to the holiday Memorial Day. The same Monday the truck driver call he and me said that he is on the way but he won’t arrive to FL till the end of the week. Today is Wednesday December 1st and no news yet??? To make it short because it when on and on till December 10th. We receive the boxes and the day after I start unpacking. The list of broken things were numerous I call them and I submit the list of the broken things but it was before Christmas and they said they were to busy and call them after New year. I call them today Monday, January 3rd and now they said that they submitted the claim to the insurance Co. and I have to wait 90 days and they will get in touch with me. Well I promise to all victims of this so call First Class American Movers Corporation that the story is not over and will continue. Be aware that they operate with different names to find their victims.