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Horrible, horrible move

Submitted this review about Fixed Price Moving
Review made Live: 7/31/2007 11:56:00 AM
If you want to spare yourself heartache, frustration, time wasted, tears, missing and damaged items, PLEASE do not use this company. If I can get just one person who was considering using this horrible, dishonest, inconsiderate company to change their mind, I will consider my life work completed. Here are the facts: 1) I had a long-distance move from Brooklyn, NY to Atlanta, GA. I contacted a internet site with several "reputable" moving companies who could contact me for a moving quote. 2) That same day I got several calls, one from a very friendly, confident Tommy who assured me of a good, reliable job. I asked that my stuff HAD to arrive by July 13th (as that was the date given to the leasing office of my new place). I was told that as long as the pick-up was by July 8th, that would be no problem (I spoke to him the week prior). I was told that the pick up time would be 10-2 PM. No problem. 3) The day before, I got a call that the pick up time would be 2-5PM. OK, I had a big farewell dinner that all my relatives were getting together for at 7PM, but that would be no problem, right? After all, I just had a studio apartment, and the estimate was for 200 cu feet, so not too much stuff...wouldn't take too long. 4) That day, July 8th, my dad and I waited from 1 to 5PM, then I called and got the name of the move foreman. He assured me that he was just finishing a job, and would be there in 30 minutes. Meanwhile, I was standing outside my apartment, frantically trying to reserve 2 parking spaces for him. At 6:30PM, called again. Still finishing a move. By 7:30PM, realized I would be missing my dinner, and called to say I would be at a nearby restaurant. No problem, he said, he was on the way (from Long Island, no less, and there was a lot of traffic). They finally got there at 11PM - three young guys. It took them 2 hours to move 20 boxes, a bookshelf, 3 end tables, a desk and a wooden cabinet. I felt so bad because they were making so much noise at 1AM. By the way, the foreman smelled like alcohol, and I kept getting different stories from the 2 guys who spoke English (they claimed to have gone from LI to the Bronx, then down Manhattan to Brooklyn...if you know anything about NYC, that makes no sense whatsoever) 5) Before he left, the foreman pretty much bullied me into giving him a tip. 6) I arrived in Atlanta July 13th, expecting my stuff to come. Instead, I got a call that afternoon that I didn't sign some forms that were supposed to have been given to me on the day of pick-up (that I had no knowledge of) and that they wouldn't send my stuff until I signed and faxed them. When I complained, I was told by 3 indifferent, rude people that according to DOT law, they had up to 14 days to deliver my stuff. 7) I waited and waited and waited, with each phone call getting the "DOT...14 days" story. Finally, 10 days after the delivery promised date, I got my delivery from a different company (a sub-contractor). This time, although there were only 2 guys, it only took 45 minutes 8) I was charged extra $150 (so much for "fixed price") because the elevator to my apartment was set more than 75 feet from the outside entrance. 9) While unpacking, I realized I'm missing 6 boxes containing shoes, clothing, personal memorabilia and pictures. Also they broke off the legs on 2 side tables, ripped off the back of the bookshelf, and chipped my cabinet. 10) When I called about my missing boxes, they coldly referred me to the claims/insurance department. That's the end of my story. I've lost so much from the agony of this move...if I could I would go back in time and not listen to Tommy...I hate this company. AGAIN, if there is anyone from NY who looks at this site, DO NOT USE FIXED PRICE MOVING...they're a bunch of crooks!