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Horrible horrible service,don't even think about it this company for your move

Submitted this review about Fixed Price Moving
Review made Live: 6/11/2010 1:40:00 PM
I found this moving company on the Internet and despite some bad reviews I thought it is reasonable to give them a chance. I had to move my stuff from west to east coast so it was a big deal for me. They gave me a very reasonable quote including full packing with 1450$ for small 2 bed room apt with about 2000 Ibs estimated weight only until later that I found out that was all a trick!!. one day before the move dispatcher called me and said the person gave me the quote has been fired and they could not honor the contract with those terms anymore. just like that!! of course it was almost impossible for me to change all of my plans one day before my move and ask another company. So I was left with no choice to accept the new terms. but that was just the start. in every step they changed their words. they were supposed to do full packing and bring all the boxes. when the movers came in they said they are only allowed to bring 8 boxes and I have to pay for the rest!! also dispatcher called me again and said after certain weight they will charge 0.45$ per pound plus 0.25$ per pound extra for packing which was absolutely non sense because I had already had full packing for all of my belongings in my contract. Anyway I bought the boxes and started packing my stuff myself to at least avoid any extra charges for packing. when the packing was finished they said I had to pay 0.70$ per pound for any additional pound after 2000 Ibs by default no matter how many boxes I have bought or packed myself!! I was shocked, frustrated and so much exhausted. I told them there was no way that I could pay all of this. after 2 hours arguing on the phone with the dispatcher finally he said to unload those boxes that I packed myself and charge me 0.45$ per pound only. For the rest, they charged me 0.70$ per pound even though I bough almost all the boxes myself. their delivery was another disaster which I am not going to talk about it in depth for the sake of time but briefly they gave me such a hard time changing delivery time couple of times and charging extra for elevator which was supposed to be in my original quote! In summary, this is one of the worst moving company I have ever worked with. They have absolutely no idea about professionalism in their job or decency in their behavior. By the time I finished my move I payed double the amount I was supposed to pay and left with anger and exhaustion from many arguments and calls with this company. I hope nobody ever try them for any move.