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Submitted this review about Flatrate Van Lines
Review made Live: 6/8/2011 12:12:00 PM
BEWARE: MOVING SCAM!!! I hired this mover to do a full service move from my apartment to my first house - a total of 17 miles. This was my first mistake. They arrived an hour late, but I conceded that they were likely stuck in holiday traffic. Or running late on the previous account. They told me both. Fast forward 6 hours (though I was quoted for 5, I did expect that it would take a bit longer. They never got to the storage units). They trailed me to my house and we started to settle the bill. Flat rate? I was ***assured*** that "all materials were included" and "there would be no surprises on moving day." In fact, the papers I signed before they began quoted only the cost that was agreed to. Imagine my surprise when they said it was not the $783 that I signed up for, but that plus $960 for "materials"!!! They wanted me to pay almost $1900, for a 17 mile move, for an amount never agreed upon. We got on the phone with "the boss" and he tried to explain to me that the additional charge was for boxes,etc. (definitely not $900 worth). The manager said he could "meet me half way" and only charge $500 for materials. WHAT??? At this point, I told him someone would call him back in 5 minutes, as my parents were on their way over (I would enlist my father's help with this situation). The moving van was literally in the cul de sac, ready to leave with all my belongings in the truck. Long nightmare made short, my father negotiated a total of $1200 in cash for what was performed and two additional hours to unload. Oh - but the moving team was instructed to unload in the driveway. My family and I (with the assistance of the subcontracted movers who were actually quite decent) unloaded the truck in 30 minutes. I've moved several times in the past 10 years and have NEVER dealt with such dishonesty and corruption. With this review, I hope you will never have to.