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The WORST Moving Company I have ever used

Submitted this review about Forward Van Lines
Review made Live: 7/18/2014 1:35:00 PM
Forward Van Lines was scheduled for a one day move and they were to arrive by 8:00 am. They were expected to load everything by noon and head to the west coast of Florida and arrive by 5:00 PM. Unfortunately, the truck showed up at almost 11:00 AM and this was the beginning of the worst move of my life. The men told me they were having issues getting a truck and I think it’s because the company doesn’t actually own any semi trucks. They had trouble locating a truck and when they showed up, it appeared to be rented. The delay made my job run two days requiring me to stay overnight in a hotel. After only being on the job for about two hours, all men were taking an hour break. I paid for 5 men and a semi and on day one, 7 men showed up because three of the seven guys didn't work so I was really down one man. The Semi Driver remained in his air-conditioned cab most of the time and the other two worthless workers were his sons. They did virtually nothing but break my belongings and walk around looking confused. One of the boys told me he had just had a wrist operation and wasn't supposed to lift but he needed a paycheck. His younger brother would stand around and do nothing. After catching all the men take excessive breaks and watching them drag/boxes down a set a stairs and literally hearing things break, I called their boss whose name was Roei. He was very nice and attentive and stopped much of the shenanigans with one phone call. On day two, they arrived over 1 1/2 hours late and with only with 5 men (three of which were the same ones from the previous day that didn't work). Their excuse for being late was that the truck had a governor and could only go 60 mph. Only two men worked. Those two were Brian & Andrew and they worked their butts off and did a good job. Because the other three didn’t work, the delivery took longer than what was quoted because the three men I paid for did nothing; in essence, I only had 2 men doing the job of 5. When they finished they told me my balance was zero and left and when I called the next day to complain to Roei, he tried to say I still owed $900. Furthermore, after unpacking, I found dozens of broken items, two broken/non working very expensive TV's and one very expensive watch mysteriously disappeared from one of my boxes. Within a couple of days I received a call from Ruth at Forward saying she was in quality control and wanted to know if I was pleased with my move. After filling her in with all that happened, she became horrified and said they would do something about it and apologized profusely. She called me the next day and said they would process a claim only if I paid the $900 balance which sounds a lot like extortion to me. This company was the absolute worst that I have ever used and all those great reviews that you see on-line must be manufactured by the Forward Van Lines. There is no way you can screw up a move any worse than mine and it’s no coincidence or one time event. They are not as good as the reviews indicate and I wouldn’t recommend them to anybody.