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Late. Rude. Unprofessional. Refused to move at the last minute.

Submitted this review about Friends and Family Moving and Storage
Review made Live: 9/5/2006 5:23:00 PM
I had a horrible experience with “Friends and Family” moving company based in WA. I decided to use this company because it was listed on our company's corporate discounts website. Here’s a summary of events that led to the loss of an entire day and over $500. And they didn't even do the move! I scheduled a move with this company about a week in advance for the Labor Day weekend (Saturday 9/2). They confirmed an hourly rate of $119 for 3 helpers. I also told them that I had cleaners scheduled for noon on that day and they assured me that the move will be done well before that. Their dispatcher, Patrick, called me on Friday 9/1 to confirm that they would arrive between 8-8:30am on Saturday 9/2. On the moving day, I called them when I had not heard anything by 9:15am. I was told that “their guys were working late the night before and are required mandatory 10 hours rest”. The dispatcher, Patrick, assured me that they would reach our place ~10am. At 10:30am I still had not heard from them so I called them again. Patrick said that “only 2 of our guys showed up and we’re waiting for the third”. I called them back after 20 more minutes of no news and asked them to just send the 2 guys as it was getting pretty late. Patrick said they will arrive within the hour. At 11:30am, still no news from the movers. So I called and Patrick said they left 45 minutes ago and they should be reaching in 10 minutes. At 12:30pm, still no news so I called them again and Patrick told that the movers have stopped to get a bite to eat but they should be over to our house within an hour. Until this point I was very patient and polite with them but I was astounded by the supreme lack of professionalism. I told them that they would put me in a lot of difficulty with my landlord if they’re unable to move me and I will have to write to our compay website that listed them to complain. The dispatcher Patrick said he is unable to help and I have no option but to wait. At 12:40pm Patrick called me back and told me that since I mentioned filing a complaint he has cancelled my order and that his people have turned around. I was shocked and said that if they do show up (despite being 4.5 hours late at this point) I will not complain. They had me in a very difficult situation. He said he doesn’t care and hung up. I called back and asked to be put through to his manager or the owner. I was told that they will not be able to do that. Furthermore I was also told that I have no legal rights and cannot file a complaint because I had scheduled everything over the phone and there was no written record of my order with them. Obviously I disputed that and said I would be able to get the phone records if necessary. Then I had to scramble to find a U-Haul, get my friends to help me move, pay hefty fees to get someone at the last minute to move my piano. I’m investigating what my legal avenues are to get some justice for this extremely humiliating and insulting treatment from this company. I’m considering writing to “Better Business Bureau” regarding this incident.