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Submitted this review about Global-Moving-Solutions
Review made Live: 7/9/2010 9:31:00 AM
These guys started with tons of claims of how good they are, giving me reviews of their services: This is the Email I received after a few times talking on the phone with Adam Tea Full ViewGlobal Moving Confirmation From: Global Moving Solutions Add to Contacts To: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------XXXDear xxx, Thank you for your patience and professionalism. We are confirming for Tomorrow at 10 am. The information we have for your addresses are Pick up: xxxxxx san bernandino, ca /*of: xxxxxx, Rancho Cucamonga, ca . We were able to apply and APPROVE you for the promotional rate, which is _____. In that promotional rate, we include 2 professional men (we hire upon experience, and we train our staff internally in the company), a 26 foot truck (because we want to insure that we take only 1 trip, and all of your furniture fits tightly and properly to insure no damage), Straps (to strap your items securely inside the truck to insure no damage to your items, while transporting them), all the proper tools ( in order to assemble or dis-assemble everything), all of the equipment (2 &4 Wheel dollies, in order to insure that the men are able to carry your furniture properly, safely, and effectively), thick blankets (in order to cover expensive, fragile items such as: television, glass items, etc). We want to insure that you are comfortable and knowledgeable of who you are working with, therefore our customer support team is here to work with you every step of the way. Thank you for very much for booking your job with us, as we promise to provide QUALITY and PROFESSIONALISM throughout your entire moving experience with us. Pleasure to work with you, ____________________________ OUR RECENT RESIDENTIAL REFERENCES Moving Date: April Name: Heinz Famularo (323) 899 – 4598 cell Moving Date: February Name: Lily Nusin (323) 632 – 1637 cell Moving Date: May Name: Artak M. (323) 899 – 4598 cell Moving Date: May Name: Maria Isay. (818) 915-5998 cell Moving Date: March Name: Elena Semin. (818) 915-4060 cell Link: Thanks, Global Moving Solutions "Unlocking Possibilities For Your Moving Solutions" Adam Tea Executive Customer Relations Specialist 800-704-9812 Toll Free # 323-350-5575 Direct # web: Email: Adam pretended that they are very professional and organized and will send me an email with all information and then they will call me the day before and again on the day of moving to inform me of the progress. Nevertheless, none of them happened! I had to call back again, getting into a full mailbox once, and finally getting Adam to send me a confirmation email with a blank rate quote! On the day of moving, I had to call them a few times, each time the new guy on the line telling me that they had an issue with the helper who didn't come to work. This is after he confirmed initially that the truck with personnel is on its way and would hit my house in 30 minutes! The first mover showed up 2 hours late alone, giving me a surprise disclosure form to sign with different prices. I immediately told him that this is not the quote I received. He said "don't worry" they would honor the rate they gave you. The second mover finally showed up later, I noticed that the guy is not a mover and a painting helper! The quote mentioned that estimated time for a two bedroom move is 5-6 hours. The movers told me a few times that mine is a very easy one, because I don't have much furniture. As a matter of fact, I moved a lot of small stuff myself before then. The loading took almost 6 hours! I expressed my concern over significant lengthening and then they disclosed their other charges including a double mileage charge, cost of the covering and tape materials were never mentioned in their quote, neither verbally of in the email (see the email for yourself above). Finally after me complaining so much, they started to move faster and they finished the job in around 8.5 hours. I had to talk to the supervisor to correct the rate quote, which appeared higher on the bill as if they are not aware of each other's communication with customers! This was concluded with them rushing me to the bank to get cash, since they finally informed me that they only accept cash! For your own good, stay away from these guys. As a matter of fact, their website is already disabled! Any questions