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Moving Nightmare

Submitted this review about Globus Van LInes
Review made Live: 1/28/2007 11:42:00 AM
It has been four months since my move from FL to NC using Globus Van Lines. I am still working out what belongings never made it (several boxes were lost) and lamenting damages - scratches, gauges - visibible on a great deal of my furniture. I am writing to discourage anyone from using this company as I find it hard to believe the service could ever be adequate from such a bumbling business. First, I was quoted an amount that they assured me was good and when I asked about it being binding (I hadn't realized the only binding quote is one with a visit to inspect your belongings to be moved), they said it would be and if I had more boxes than I estimated, the quote would still be used. My stupidity here, I should have gotten a binding quote and of course when they came for pickup the movers added another $700 to the price. The move - I stored with them for one month free (part of the offer) and during that month they kept calling to badger me about the date they could deliver, trying to hurry me. The month storage was already agreed on at the time of the move! When the move-in day came I received a horrible shock. My bike, my furniture, anything outside a box it seemed, had numerous scratches and dents. In boxes, last minute wrapping done by the movers of lamps, etc. was pathetic and those belongings were simply broken. My stuff looked like it had been kicked around or dropped from a great height. Boxes were actually smashed down and with pieces gauged. I filed a damages claim and was awarded a miniscule amount. I estimated several hundreds, I received $185. All I can say - Beware!!