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Used them twice

Submitted this review about Go Movers NY
Review made Live: 12/18/2009 8:00:00 PM
Full disclosure: I used these guys twice. Once in the Summer of 2008 which was a positive experience and in December 2009 which was a bad experience. The first time I used them they were fine and showed up at 7am which i asked them too. They werent very careful with my things but thankfully nothing was damaged. They wrapped what i asked and the experience was positive. Moved from financial district to midtown west. I decided to use them again for my recent move. I moved a total of 2 blocks and one avenue. I asked for 11am but Dave said they have another job in the morning and they can only be there between 12-1230. After 1:30, I called dave because i havent heard from the driver and tell him i need to move into the new apt by 5pm (building rule). He was rude with me after I told him I need them to show up asap since i need to be in the next building by 5pm. He told me angrily to wait and they will be there. I told him how much stuff we had and he said its an easy move and no problem. Movers show up at 230 and I explain to Rodney the captain of the situation. I told him lets only do this if you think we can get to the next building in time. He said they can do it but will have to rush. The movers did their best but we arrived at the new building at 4pm and there was no way they could compete the move. They gave me a few pieces of furniture since by contract the move had to be a min 3 hours. The driver told me he could take my things with him and bring it back in the morning. I called dave and he was not appologetic at all. He was very rude with me and said i should have cancelled if i didnt think they would be able to do it. I told him i am not a mover and that was not my judgement call. At the end of the day, all i was expecting was that he would not charge me to bring my things back the following morning since THEY showed up 2 hours late. Again, he was very rude and did not appologize. On top of all this. The movers broke my tv stand completely, dropped my headboard on the street, and some how manged to put a hole in my wooden desk. It wasnt the movers fault, they tried their best since they were dealing with a short time frame. It was poor management. If you run any business, your job is to please the customer. Dave was very rude and would not accept fault. Even the driver told me its Dave's fault for not allowing time for them to get to my move by 1230. I'm a real estate broker for one of the largest firms in NYC. These guys are going to get a really bad rep from me and I have told all my colleagues to tell their clients to stay away from them. Contact me if you have any questions, Im happy to fill you in.