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Poor Service

Submitted this review about Go Pro Vanlines
Review made Live: 2/4/2015 3:47:00 PM
This company promised us a decent price and to take care of our things... "insurance included" I understand that things get broken when you move... to an extent... but when out grill, crib, entertainment center, 3 dressers and a bookself were all completely destroyed beyond repair... it took them over 3 months to decide that they were only going to OFFER us $60 for our over $1000 dollars in damages. Not to mention when the movers... what a joke. They got there LATE and then started repacking our items in bigger boxes and then then tried to charge us for using their boxes. Then they tried to charge us for a set of stairs (one is supposedly free and that's all we had) When we called to try and have it removed they said a set of 7 stairs qualifies as a single set of stairs when most standard stair cases are 12 to 14. (Ours was 12). After tacking on all their extra charges at the end they e-mail us days later after my husband has already flown to our destination state and say we owe them an additional $825. Then when we tried to negotiate they said they would drop our stuff wherever we wanted and we could find another company to move them if we were unhappy.... what were we supposed to do from 2000 miles away. Called spoke to a supervisor took him DAYS to call us back and when we finally talked to him they took 300 off the price and we still ended up having to pay over $500 just to get our BROKEN items delivered. The movers told us they would be there bt 4 and 6 pm. They showed up after 10 p.m. one in Crocs and the other in flip flops... They were a joke of a company. We still haven't gotten our items replaced or paid for and we moved 7 months ago.