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Awful experience, over charged / double charged and items took too long to arrive

Submitted this review about Goldenhand Moving
Review made Live: 10/25/2010 12:51:00 PM
When moving we went through a broker and ended up with Goldenhand Moving. Although we had a signed estimate with our broker, Goldenhand Moving refused to honor it and made us sign a new contract at twice the price. Additionally, we were double charged for taxes and tariffs at this time. There was no way for us to dispute these double charges as the first time we interacted with Goldenhand Moving was when they were at our house picking up our belongings and we needed to be on the road. When we tried to talk to Goldenhand Moving about the price they told us our only option was for them to not pack up our stuff and they didn't care what we had signed previously. We agreed to pay the astronomical amount ($.79 per pound plus cost of taxes and tariffs) and expected to receive our belongings within a week. However, instead of loading our belongings onto a truck and driving it from Colorado to DC, they put our stuff in storage and let it sit there for days. We would call daily to ask about the status of our belongings and were told that a "truck was on the way" or that "these things take time." When the owner, Roni, got tired of us calling, he would simply hang up on us. He assured us that his company was the one who was delivering the goods to us and as soon as he had a truck it would be on his way. This was just another one of his lies. In reality, he sub-contracted out to yet ANOTHER company who was going to bring us our stuff. Once Roni had subcontracted out, he really stopped helping (not that there was so much help before). At one point he threatened my husband on the phone saying that he could make my husband's life very difficult, and when we were having issues with the actual driver who arrived, Roni's suggestion for us was the "grease the wheels." He wanted us to pay the driver (who was not part of his company) more money so that we could get our belongings. Overall Roni was not helpful, he was rude, he overcharged us, and he kept our belongings for almost a full month before he delivered them. He and his entire staff are sneaky, cheaters, and dishonest. After we received our belongings we spoke to him again (through our lawyer) to try to get some of our money back. Instead of contacting our lawyer directly, as was requested in the letter, he called us personally and continued his bullying. I will never hire them again and I hope that based on my experience you save yourself the pain, frustration, time, and money and go with someone else.