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Dishonest Company

Submitted this review about Gotham Movers
Review made Live: 2/2/2012 2:01:00 PM
These guys used to have a company called The Box Delivery ( I had used them twice before, and they were fast and cheap. In the past, I had gotten 3 guys at $90 per hour, and all of my moves were 3-4 hours maximum. Additionally, there were no extra travel, tolls or gas fees. 3 hours of moving cost $270. And they worked quickly. So, when I decided to move this year, I looked them up. They now formed a company called Gotham Movers. I asked them if I could get the same rate as I had in the past, and they confirmed it. On the day of the move, not only were they late, but they asked me to sit in their truck while they moved my stuff in the truck. I lived in NYC, so they needed me to sit in the driver’s seat of their truck to prevent from getting a ticket. Because they were so awesome in the past, I didn't think twice about it. Well, it took them over 2 hours to get my stuff out of my tiny NYC apartment, which is in an elevator building. Everything was boxed and ready to go, so this was an excessive amount of time. All they had to do was carry it out and put it in the truck. In the past, they were out in 30-45 minutes. So, after 2 hours, I questioned them...they kept making up excuses and telling me that they were right on schedule. Meanwhile, I was stuck watching their truck...this was not my responsibility. When they were leaving to travel to my new apartment, they asked me for $20 so that they could pay for gas, as they had no cash. I told them to deduct it from the total bill. When they delivered the stuff, in order to save time, my boyfriend helped them carry the stuff in. Although there were 3 guys on the job, only 2 were actually moving stuff. So, in the end, the move was 4 ½ hours…it should have been 3 hours at the most. When my boyfriend went to pay them, they added on an additional hour for travel time. They charged us for 5.5 hours of work. I told my boyfriend what the move should cost and so he questioned this. Sebastian, the owner’s brother, insisted that they always charged this extra hour to the total bill. They NEVER did this. Also, they had a problem with taking a check. But my boyfriend refused to pay in cash. So, they told him to make it out to one of their names and not Gotham Movers. I was not at the new apartment when the movers arrived, so I called them to dispute the additional travel charge. Sebastian kept insisting that they always charged me this travel fee. I told him that they did not. He said he had records. I said that I did as well and I’d be happy to provide proof. He ignored that comment and kept telling me I was wrong and that I never paid $270 for 3 hours of moving. But I did. I balance my checkbook. He kept arguing with me and had quite an attitude, then told me not to use them again. As if I ever would! This was my third move with them…you’d think they’d want to keep a regular customer. I get that sometimes rates go up, but they lied to me. I would never use them again and would NOT recommend them to anyone else.