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Submitted this review about Grace Van Lines
Review made Live: 10/13/2015 6:31:00 PM
My relationship with Grace started when I was contacted by Debra (a sales rep with Grace). She is very sweet on the phone and knows the business. She was convincing and I felt that Grace sounded pretty legit. Well.... I asked Debra a couple times to come in and do an in-house estimate. She would not do an inhouse but suggested that I have an estimate done by a major freight line. So I did. Well I then had my quote with Debra based on the estimates I received. Then moving day comes. First they try to park at the end of the street so they can charge me the cost of moving it over 75 feet. I had the street reserved in front of my place so they then moved the truck to where it needed to be. The second they walked in they started looking to scam me. They suggested I had 1/3 more cubic square feet of items than I was originally quoted. I had no way of confirming what they were saying so I had no choice but to pay $800 more than the original quote. They asked me to crate items at a $75 cost which included a vacuum I think I paid about that much for. So when I told them no, they tried to bargain and charge me $40 for the crating. Crating is wrapping a card board box around something and taping it up for anyone that doesn't know. Even after that I gave the movers a $300 tip. Why I did I am not sure. The foreman clearly was in on the business of scamming but I felt it was the right thing to do. Possibly one good gesture would result in it coming back my way. My move was from Hoboken NJ to LA. When I arrived in LA I contact Debra to see where we are at as far as shipment of my belongings. Debra emailed once letting me know she would check into it and then nothing. I have emailed and called her many times since and not a word. I did speak to someone that deals with their dispatch and I was told the truck driver will contact me 24 hours prior to delivery. That brings us to yesterday and why I am writing this..... I got a call from the driver who is supposed to be delivering my belongings. He didnt call to set up delivery. He asked to confirm my address and then said based on his GPS he cant get his truck in here. Debra was well aware of where I was moving and she never once stated a tractor trailer cant get here. Also, I see tractor trailers on my street all the time. Then he goes on to ask if they have to move the belongings more than 75 feet. When I told him its not more than 75 feet he told me he will be bringing something to measure it with. At this point I am getting very upset. The delivery guy did not call to set up delivery he called to further rub it in that I have been completely scammed. He was trying his best to charge me more money. After I answered his questions I then asked when the delivery would be, and he could not tell me. At this point I am beside myself and in awe that this is happening. I then raised my voice and got very stern with the driver who responded by threatening to damage my belongings. This is by far the worst experience I have ever had with a company ever in my life. I contacted Grace to let them know of the threats and the refuse to respond to it. They apologized and said they will contact dispatch but after a full business day I have not heard a word. Except they are looking into it. I still have no date for delivery. I still have no answer as to why I was threatened or how to proceed. These people should be jailed.