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Shysters /*Moving Nightmare

Submitted this review about Grand Express Van Lines INC
Review made Live: 6/24/2015 10:33:00 AM
Promised a pick up on Tuesday. Call Tuesday, will be Friday. Friday I take off work, driver never shows. Calls me late and will be there Sat at 8:00. Shows up at 2:30 with his "professional" crew of two kids he hired off Craigslist. Trailer is a old model with blotches of spray paint all over it. Van is more than half full when he opens the doors. They spent 19 hours over two days loading a 1650 sf house mostly because the driver stood in the trailer yelling at the one kid packing while the other kid moved everything. Damaged several items loading the truck. Then the truck was full so I had to rent a trailer and drive 1100 miles round-trip myself. Driver spent all day Monday trying to find a USED tire for his trailer and didn't leave Nashville until 5:00 PM. Finally showed up in BR, a ten-hour drive. Tuesday afternoon. Then the helper smoked weed in my driveway, they damaged more stuff unloading. Driver had 38 cents in his bank account when he rolled up and needed money in cash to pay the "company" helpers, send $300 to his wife, get a hotel, buy fuel, and fix his flat tire. SO, if you like paying for horrible service from a bunch of shysters, Grand Express is the line for you. By the way, almost none of these companies have their own employees. We made a deal with All State Movers who sold the move to Grand Express who contracts with a driver who hires his own temp labor (in Nashville, two kids who have no experience at all). RECORD every transaction and every conversation as all of these people will immediately start trying to screw each other in addition to screwing you.