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Submitted this review about Great American Moving & Storage
Review made Live: 8/29/2014 12:18:00 PM
***PLEASE NOTE THAT I WAS A FORMER EMPLOYEE OF THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY. THIS IS THE SAME COMPANY OUT OF TACOMA WA THAT ALSO GOES UNDER THE NAME LIBERTY RELOCATION. THEY ARE NOT TWO DIFFERENT COMPANIES!! THEY OWNERS AVICHAI MINKOFF AND CHANI GREEN AS WELL AS THEIR SALES TEAM WRITES ALL OF THEIR GOOD REVIEWS. CHECK OUT THEIR OTHER REVIEWS ON MYMOVING REVIEWS.COM. Here goes... I was a former employee of this horrible company. I worked on the trucks and in the office. I REPEAT! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! They are liers and thieves! They screw everyone over! let me tell you how they work. They have two names they go under, Liberty Relocation and great American Moving And Storage. The Washington office does not exist, Brian and Nicole are not brian and Nicole, they never disclose their real names.n I am not going to disclose their real names because i want to protect my identity. These people are dangerous and they don't care. When they pcik up your items, they will NOT deliver on time and they will ignore all of your calls. When you contract out Great American or Liberty Relocation they will NOT be the ones delivering. They broker it out to another company. YOu will get a call from Kevin to book a move under Liberty...DO NOT BOOK WITH HIM!!!! he does not even live in this country, he lives in Israel but he is an American. I promise that i am not a disgruntal employee who is mad. I never got fired...i quit after i found out. Do you research please! They worked under multiple names and kept getting shut down. They had many lawsuits filed against them in California and their operations even got raided. When i worked there, they would steal customer's credit card info. I even witness the owner Brian destroying customers belongings and going through them. Chani Green aka Nicole who is Brian's girlfriend would not return your calls. When you try to get a hold of the sales guys they would not return calls. BEWARE! YOUR BELONGINGS WOULD BE RETURNED DAMAGED, STOLEN, OR MISSING!! OH AND THE BIG THING....WHEN THEY SAY YOUR PRICE IS $1500...YEAH RIGHT!!!! TRY $6000 BEFORE THEY EVEN RELEASE YOUR BELONGINGS! PLEASE I BEG YOU DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! LIBERTY RELOCATION OR GREAT AMERICAN MOVING AND STORAGE! If you have any questions, please reach out to me via email, i will help you to get this company shut down!