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Great Plains aka Able Moving & Storage

Submitted this review about Great Plains Moving & Storage
Review made Live: 3/28/2009 11:10:00 AM
These guys are United Van Lines agents - they go by both Great Plains Moving & Storage as well as Able Moving & Storage. First the driver and his crew were awful. From the minute that they rolled up to our house an hour late they were rude, unprofessional, lazy and inconsiderate. They spent half the time talking and taking breaks. They destroyed our bookcase and blamed it on the bookcase. They left two huge, deep scratches in our brand new wood floor and didn't even say "Sorry". They actually ignored it and acted like they hoped I didn't see!!! Then I kept asking what are we going to do about these scratches and they wouldn't tell me how it was going to be handled. After a lot of calls, it did finally get handled. The bookshelf was never addressed. About every 15 or 20 minutes they took breaks and talked w/ eachother. One time they started moving our patio furniture in through the house and then just laid it down in our living room and proceeded to sit on it and take another break. Finally after hours of this they decided that they couldn't fit everything in their truck! But they didn't do anything about it so I called the office and got them to send an overflow truck - which arrived at about 6pm and started loading the rest of the stuff. I asked, when will the second shipment arrive and they said "oh, about the same time". We didn't receive our stuff until 3 weeks later!!!! They scratched multiple items of furniture and never addressed it. Their customer service has done nothing to address our issues. They're not even apologetic. Run away.