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Terrible Moving Company/Broker

Submitted this review about Great-Value-Movers
Review made Live: 6/13/2013 5:15:00 PM
My experience with Great Value Movers was terrible. They ended up refusing to move me and I had to rent a Penske truck one way and do the whole move myself. I scheduled my move with Abraham at Great Value Movers. I paid a $700 deposit and was given a binding estimate that I signed over 30 days in advance for $2950 with a $300 rebate at the end of the move (total of $2,650). The movers ended up being a broker so they hired a third party to move me who showed up a few minutes late on the moving date. The movers seemed very nice until they called their foreman over to try and get more money out of me. They demanded that I agree to pay $4,200 in addition to the $700 that I had already paid in deposit money for a total of $4,900...and that was just a guess of what they thought it would cost. Remember, I already had a binding estimate for $2,650 with Great Value Movers and had paid a deposit. When I called Great Value Movers they told me that the price of the binding estimate just wasn't going to work and that they required that I pay at least $5,200. A manager named David kept trying to bate me into cancelling my move. It seemed as though he was trying to gather evidence to prove that it was me who defaulted on the contract when in reality it was Great Value Movers who lied about what they would provide at the agreed to price. Eventually the third party just left and I was up a creek. At that point the manager refused to reimburse my deposit money and threatened to sue me to get the remainder due to breach of contract. I remind you that Great Value Movers was the party that breached the contract. The red flags for me started to go up about a week in advance. I called to make sure everything was still on track and they said that it was. I asked to take an additional item and they said that it would be no problem since they contracted me based on number of items and not on volume or weight. They said that someone would call me 3 days in advance to review the inventory of items to be shipped. No one ever called me. Then they said that the movers would contact me 24 hours before the day of the move to set up arrival details. Again, neither Great Value Movers nor the third party called...they just showed up the day of the move after the window that was provided to me. Great Value Movers promised me a lot over the phone that was just straight lies. They said that my move would be 3-5 days. they third party told me that my belongings would likely be in a warehouse for at least 14-18 days. They said that stairs inside of my house were no issue and no additional charge and then the third party wanted an additional $1,200 for stairs...and on and on and on. My advice...never move without an in-home estimate.