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Worst moving company

Submitted this review about Hercules Moving Systems
Review made Live: 1/16/2014 11:33:00 AM
1/14 Updated Story: After 3+ weeks of that worst moving experience with Hercules Moving Systems, I read through the contract letter carefully so I can reach out to any insurance company that they provide to claim any damages and losses. Their affiliated insurance company was called CSI, which asked me for so many types of paper works and photographs. I spent quite of time put these together, so I can resolve this headache. They reviewed and offered $24 for $170 worth of wooden side table that Hercules lost its part. The reason was in the contract, there is this hidden contract words saying, they can offer 60 cents per pound of damaged or lost items. They quoted my table as 40lb., so they figured it should be $24 !! Also, in the email, they asked me to remove any negative letter after I shove in that $24. LoL... they are both jokers and highly unprofessional. People! Never hire Hercules Moving. You have a high chance to experience what I experienced with this ghetto company. They are highly unprofessional and just very bad after taste for everything. ***** Below is my original review. I just moved from San Francisco downtown to Pasadena, CA in December through the Hercules Moving Systems. I chose this company because it was affordable and they were able to move my belongings at the last moment of my search. The company works as groups of partnership of dispatchers, shippers, movers, allocators and etc, divide its profits among these groups and charge extras for extra services such as wrapping TV, elevator charges and 18 wheeler truck loading agreement fee (will talk about this below). I gave one star to this company although it started just fine, but it quickly became the worst experience. They were 2 hours late when they showed up (around 6PM!), but I was nice to the movers, and even gave $60 tip to three guys who were nice and detail. However, when I arrived in Pasadena, CA, I had to wait for 2 weeks to receive my furniture and things. It arrived 2 days later from that 2 weeks period, and the dispatching team's manager and I had an intense conversation about this because he wants me to wait even longer, and this could of been the after Christmas or during my holiday vacation period. The guy wanted me to pay him $300 extra to bring in their 18 wheeler truck, which is ridiculous for barely over 325 sq feet amount of furniture that I have. The reason is of course to delay my things for another few days until they are done with other tasks, so I knew my list was least important to them. As I threaten to sue them (after I read some review here, I saw another reviewer actually sued them), they were bit more flexible, however, I had to wait 2 extra days. The day of arrival, they came in on time, but you know what? They were delaying my things because there was another new tenants in our apartment complex who were moving in through their service at the same time & the same day! They should of told me this & I would of compromise them instead of arguing them. OK, that's fine. Whatever.. right? When they finally brought in everything, it wasn't over. They were missing a leg of my night stand, and one guy smirked at me and told me three legs can support the table! WTF? Is this a joke? I was so pissed off, but tried not to show my emotion & I was so tired of everything. It's like the worst moving experience ever. Now I wrote a claim to their directed moving insurance resource website, I posted the signed moving paper with the list of items, photo of the furniture with a missing leg and its retail information with the price indicated. I uploaded these around Christmas period, so I will wait and see what happens next. Will they actually replace my furniture or try to ignore me at all? I will update the next event here, but for now, I am still upset with their unprofessional services and they deserve one star from me. If they pay me back for the furniture, I will rethink.