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Shady Business Practices

Submitted this review about Highlawn Moving & Storage, Inc.
Review made Live: 3/18/2010 7:19:00 AM
I chose Highlawn Moving and Storage because the estimate they gave was among the lowest and the representative, Josh C. seemed honest and friendly. Unfortunate my first impressions changed drastically on the day of the move. First of all, the term "binding estimate" means nothing to this company. When asked if I would be charged extra if the job took longer, the representative, Josh assured me that it would not. However, at the end of the job, the workers tried to charge me for the extra time they put in. But the worst part of my experience with Highlawn was the broken stone step that incurred when one of the workers knocked over a heavy concrete planter onto the ground. Rather than tell me about it, I had to find out from my ex-landlord when I returned to collect my security deposit. Well, it may come at no surprise that they denied having broken the step, claiming that the planter missed the step and it "must have already been cracked". They further claimed that the step broke when one of the workers stepped on it after they dropped the planter. Strange coincidence, isn't it? Now that the step has been repaired and I submitted the receipt for damages, Josh would not return my calls. What a big surprise! Do not picked this company. It may seem like you're saving money, but in the end, it may cost you much more.