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deceptive practices, shoddy business

Submitted this review about home team movers of florida
Review made Live: 12/10/2013 3:50:00 PM
Horrible, Horrible experience. I could have tolerated the rude, disinterested uninformed women who answered the phones. I might even have tolerated the lies told by salesman angel mercado; completely false information and lies given to me when i phoned with point blank questions; the lack of follow up confirmation via email as promised; but i cannot stomach the nearly $600 in extra fees and charges after paying $195 for a binding estimate and getting a verbal promise twice that the estimate was binding. $200 for two pieces of cardboard. And the salesman who bragged about being in the moving business for years and could estimate so well- well not only did i have exactly the items i said i would have but i had even less boxes. And he still cost me several hundred dollars in overage charges. I got no notice for pickup (and i was trying to arrange this from another state.)They just showed up and demanded the warehouse owner (just a friend storing my furniture) give them cash and sign some paperwork. When he refused without my consent, they left without my furniture. A week later noone even knew where my furniture was. I got no notice for delivery even though i firmly requested an email follow to a verbal conversation wherein i was promised 24 hotice for delivery. THe driver spent two days calling the wrong number then five minutes before 5 at night calls and says i owe him $1440 cash ($600 more than i had anticipated.) and that he'd be there at 9 the next morning, a work day with no prior notice! He wanted to get out of town before bad weather was due and if i wasn't home he'd put my furniture in storage. I spent hours and hours on the phone with Home Team Movers, the original company that contacted me, and hours on the phone with Moving Express and Storage who apparently actually did the move. Both companies should be ashamed of their business practices. THey lied to my face, made unauthorized charges to my credit card and held my furniture hostage til i paid and signed paperwork before i could even see my furniture. As for the "great claims department" the Moving Express rep told me they had (but wouldn't give me the number or anything before delivery)well, it's a third-party claims management company which doesn't even have a phone number or online processing. STAY AWAY FROM THESE COMPANIES! Read more:,-far-away-from-this-moving-company-23685#ixzz2n6QnEEkZ