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Not responsive to customers

Submitted this review about Homestead Moving Systems
Review made Live: 6/30/2009 10:46:00 AM
To start with, they have an "F" rating with the BBB due to unresolved claims. I'm surprised I couldn't find any negative reviews online anywhere else. We hired this company to move us last month. I was lured by the estimate, the printed references, and the promise from the quoter that they take very good care of our goods because if not, "the first $1000 of any claim comes out of his pocket and he's going to make sure that's not happening". What he didn't say was that his way of making sure he doesn't pay is by not responding to customers trying to file claims for damaged goods. Our items were delivered five weeks ago, four contacts have been made, and I have yet to get someone to call me back so I can make a claim for what they damaged in this move. On moving day the driver showed up, then a truck showed up with four guys - it was tough to keep an eye on all of them. When one of the guys loading the truck thought he broke a leg from a wire stand, he stuck it in one of the bathrooms and closed the door. When I asked the driver about it, he said the stand was broken when they went to load it into the truck. I found the fourth leg sitting on our kitchen counter. The truck was almost fully loaded at that point so I don't know if they were planning to pack the stand at the time I found it or if they planned to mention the broken stand to me at all. On delivery day, the driver showed up and three guys came in behind him to unpack the truck. Again, very tough to keep an eye on all of them. I'm very disappointed in the damages they did to our items, the fact that they took no responsibility for those damages, and even tried to hide them. Five out of six of our floor lamps were delivered bent and rendered unusable. The movers tucked them away behind a number of boxes so I did not notice them at the time of delivery. We had forgotten to pack one of the lampshades but the driver said that was okay. If he had not told me that, I could have tucked that shade into a box. I found the broken pieces of that shade sitting on top of a box after the movers left. We were told by the quoter that items would be taken apart at pickup and reassembled at delivery. We were told by the driver we had to disassemble our bed ourselves and they did not reassemble it on delivery. We found they broke a brace on the headboard when we went to set our bed up. They either dropped our LCD TV or stored it incorrectly because the screen is cracked, turning the TV into hazardous waste that we will have to pay to dispose of. The one damaged item they acknowledged was the TV my husband saw them drop during unloading. The driver wrote up a report and said the claims office would be contacting us to submit a claim. That was five weeks ago and to date, we haven't heard from anyone. After waiting two weeks I called the main# to get some assistance. I was told the claims office would contact me the following week. When nobody called, I contacted the office again and was told the same thing. Yesterday I called for a third time and was told the claims office is a separate entity and they have no control over their response time. I asked if I could have the # for the claims office to contact them directly and was told this isn't the procedure, that a call would be placed to the claims office immediately and I would receive a call back on the same day. Nobody has called.