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Terrible all around

Submitted this review about Horizon Moving Systems
Review made Live: 9/4/2013 1:14:00 PM
Horizon Moving Services provided me with an estimate for the move. The estimate was detailed and including EVERYTHING that I had said it would. The calculated the estimate based on the sizes of the items, which were accurate. However, the estimate jumped from $2,000 to actually being $4,500, despite NO additional items being added. My job did not honor the remaining portion of the move and I had to pay it out of pocket since I had initially submitted Horizon's estimate as a cost of the move. Upon arrival, only 1 of the 4 operators spoke English. There were several boxes marked which said, 'Fragile', or 'Very Fragile,' or 'DO NOT STACK.' Since they didn't speak or read English, they didn't adhere to any of these directions. I could see the boxes being crushed in the van but they didn't care to move them around. The delivery was scheduled 1 month later and confirmed but I received a phone call the day before that they would NOT deliver on specified date. This was unacceptable since I had shifted my entire work schedule for a new job around the move. The operator on the phone told me to just wait another day and manage, which is unacceptable from customer service. Upon delivery, the driver demanded for the remainder $1,300 in cash. He was not willing to accept a check or a credit card, which he had accepted when the delivery process started). The movers again did not read, speak, or understand English and were just placing the boxes anywhere they chose. They again kept stacking boxes which read Do Not Stack. I also received someone else's bed frame, but was nice enough to tell them that it wasn't mine. It was also impossible to conduct an inventory of products due to the unorganization of the movers and how they threw the boxes and furniture around wherever they pleased. Over the next couple days while unpacking we noticed several things missing. Additionally, as I opened the boxes, roaches and bugs emerged from many of them. Boxes were supposed to be kept in a climate controlled storage unit but it clearly wasn't the case since food and wine in the boxes spoiled and roaches and bugs emerged. Additionally, I also found few Heineken bottle caps, which clearly did not belong to me. I complained about the missing items and broken items to staff over the phone, who were extremely rude. Eventually, I filed a claim for the items and 2 months later I got a response. I was being awarded a whopping $75 for over $500 in damages. Some of the items were brand new and some had to be repurchased. Their method of calculating the award is based on weight and they pay $0.60 per pound. So no matter how expensive the item, if its light, you're getting money based on its weight. For example, if you lose a brand new iPhone, you would only receive $0.60 since it weighs 1 lb. Absolutely absurd. The entire organization is a joke. Staff is rude, the movers are unprofressional and asked for a 20% tip (unheard of). The customer service staff is dumb and don't comprehend what the moving process actually entails. The claims adjusters are clearly clueless as well. Avoid! Avoid! Avoid! I've made several moves on my own and it has never cost me this much, nor have I ever had this much damage. Avoid Horizon Moving Systems by any means necessary.