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Worst company I have ever dealt with

Submitted this review about Hurricane Movers
Review made Live: 3/22/2010 1:03:00 PM
My wife contacted Hurricane movers for a quote for our from Virginia Beach, VA to Kingwood, TX. We spoke with Michelle Cohen about our quote and were quoted a price of $1142.38 on September 9, 2009. We paid a 10% deposit using a visa card and scheduled the pick-up for September 16, 2009 and delivery was scheduled for September 24, 2009. Michelle advised us that we could guarauntee our delivery date by adding $600 to the price of the move, but that it was not necessary because it would only take a maximum of ten days to complete the move. We decided not to purchase the guaranteed delivery based on Michelle's statement that because of the length of time between pick-up and earliest delivery date, they would deliver our belongings on September 24. On September 14 we were contacted by Michelle who asked if they could pick-up a day or two early because they already had a truck in the area. We agreed to have the truck pick-up one day early and Hurricane took $100 off the price estimate. I was out of town on the date of the pick-up, however, my wife was there for the transaction. The truck arrived and the workers loaded the truck at our residence, then they drove to our storage unit and loaded the rest of our belongings. We had more items than the quote was for which, by visual estimation, took our new price to $3550. We are not contesting that the price should not have gone up, but this seems excessive. Upon completion of loading, the driver took my wife's credit card information, charged $1240 (plus a 3% credit card fee), gave my wife a bill of lading, had her sign it and gave her a copy for our records. She gave him a $20 tip, he then told her it was customary to give a tip equal to 10% of the total value of the move. She did not comply. She was told to expect a call the day before the truck would arrive for delivery to schedule the arrival of the truck. I then paid the outstanding balance with a credit card as to be paid in full before the scheduled delivery date. We received no call on September 23, and when we heard nothing on September 24 (the day we were told was not a problem for delivery) I called Hurricane Movers. After some transferring I spoke with Janice in operations. I asked her when our belongings would arrive and she said she would love to tell us 3-5 days but she had no idea. I asked where our belongings were and she couldn't tell me. She said the driver must be doing some other moves. I asked to speak with the driver, but she declined to let me. She then told me (and was the first time we were aware of) that on the back of the bill of lading (which I now found in Section 7) a delivery schedule that is completely different from what we were sold by Michelle. It states "delivery is up to 21 business days from the date indicated as the first available delivery date." Janice said the truck was due in to Dallas, TX sometime over the weekend of September 27 and she would call me on September 29 to let me know our status. I did not receive a call or any other correspondence. I contacted Hurricane Movers on October 2, to inquire to the status of our move. Janice told me our belongings were on their way to Dallas and to expect delivery early the next week. I contacted Janice again on October 5, she told me she didn't know where my belongings were or when they would arrive. I called again on October 6 and Janice told me they had problems with their driver and he was going to be replaced. She would not tell me where my belongings were. She did tell me that the new driver was going to get the truck, make one stop in Oklahoma and then procede directly to the Houston area to make my delivery and to expect it in the next couple days. On October 8 I called Janice because I had not heard from the driver to schedule the delivery as I was told I would. She then told me to expect delivery on the following Sunday or Monday (October 11 and 12). I called again on Monday, October 12 and spoke with Janice, she told me she was wrong about the where shipment was going as it was then in Dallas. She told me she was watching the truck that was headed to the Houston area being loaded with my shipment along with three others and that it was headed towards Houston later that evening and delivery would be on October 13 or 14. I called Janice on October 13 to confirm my phone number and delivery address to ensure a smooth transaction, she said she would call the driver and make sure he had the correct information and to expect a call from him later that day to confirm the delivery time. When I received no call on October 13, I called and spoke with Janice again on October 14. She told me that she needed to take the blame for lying to me because there never was a truck headed to the Houston area as she told me on October 12 and my belongings were still in Dallas. Janice told me I could pick my belongings up at their Dallas headquarters if I wanted them, or I could wait until they were able to get them to me. I repeatedly asked to speak with the operations supervisor (the person she would ask for answers when I would ask questions) and was always denied. Janice told me they would be happy to schedule delivery for early the next week (the week of October 18-24) and that the CFO of the company would call me later that day. I received no call so I called again on October 15 to schedule delivery for Tuesday, October 20. Janice told me she would call me to confirm that delivery date. I called again on October 19 to confirm delivery on October 20 (the last day of the "early next week" she told me they would deliver). I was told that October 20 would not be possible, but to expect delivery on October 21 in the morning between 8am and 12pm. The delivery truck finally showed up at 10pm on October 21. The floor of the delivery truck was wood and was soaking wet. Most of the boxes had been destroyed with damage to their contents, our TV stand was destroyed as it was not packed correctly (as we paid to have it), our mattress and box spring were heavily damaged, our bookshelf was broken in half, and our floor lamp was completely destroyed. Hurricane Movers made no attempt to compensate or address our complaint in and way, shape or form.