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Submitted this review about Independent-Movers
Review made Live: 7/13/2007 7:42:00 PM
these guys advertise on craigslist in houston. they advertise to move a whole list of items for only $139. i thought it was a great deal, considering i only had a 1 bedroom apartment to move across houston. i emailed, got a quote back confirming the price would only be $139 and set up the move. after arriving over 3 hours late and never calling (as i was in the process of frantically trying to find another mover), they show up in a uhaul truck. these guys barely spoke english, but at this point i had no choice but to let them move my stuff. after they had it all loaded, we left onto the new place. upon arrival, they told me that because there were more than 10 stairs (WHAT!?!?) i would be charged extra. they also said that because they had to carry the boxes up the stairs and couldn't use a dolly because of the "type of stairs" i would be charged extra as well. since when do people haul boxes upstairs on dollies? they demanded $250 in cash before they would unload my items. clearly i had no choice and paid them. upon inspection of my items, the plastic piece on the front of my large tv was broken off completely. also, there was a hole in the speaker of the tv on the front. one of the boxes was completely crushed, although nothing inside was damaged luckily. these guys are completely dishonest and misleading and will low ball your price to get your stuff on the truck and then hold you hostage for more money. beware of these "independent movers" from craigslist in houston. i've since checked, they are not licensed and have no proof of any insurance.