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Submitted this review about Interstate-Contracted-Movers
Review made Live: 10/22/2012 3:54:00 PM
BEWARE! Because of this company I am out of thousands of dollars! Not only have they destroyed our bed (which cost $1200), they also broke my 7-month-old Nordic-track treadmill ($1499), but destroyed the wood floors resulting in thousands more in damage. At the time of estimate, I was told by Mike (the owner) I would have 4 guys loading the truck. Well on the day of the move, Mike came with 3 other movers so I figured we are off to a good start. About an hour into the move I hear a large “bang”. Well it turns out the large bang is Mike accidentally kicking over a heavy portion of my children’s bunk bed…breaking off a very noticeable part…Mike’s solution, just glue it (even though the crack runs right through the headboard. Soon after that, Mike decides he needs to go to another job leaving us with 3 men instead of 4. From the estimate, Mike planned for x men and y truck to move our belongings. However, just before the move, we decided to sell off a large portion of our bigger furniture. Even though Mike was not aware of the significant reduction in furniture, the truck he provided BARELY fit what was left. In fact, they had to leave the truck’s tailgate down and strap stuff to the outside of the truck to get everything moved…Beverly Hillbilly style! I’m wondering had we not sold off the furniture (couches, credenza, patio furniture, an entire king bedroom set with a large television, etc.) how would they have moved it? Upon unloading our belongings, the movers destroyed the wooden floors in our rental house! Because of their inability to control the refrigerator (standard size), they gauged the wooden floors in the house resulting in thousands of dollars in damage. The extent of the damage is such that the panels cannot be repaired but instead have to be replaced (3 independent estimates). Because this is a rental house, I will be responsible for fixing this damage estimated at $8000. The house had these floors before we moved in which means the last tenant’s movers managed to move a refrigerator into and out of the house without a mark! Mike’s company left us with $8000 in damage! So mike told me that i have to file a claim. I received 7 pages , which 5 out of seven had to be notarized. After i sent all the pictures i was told that i will take 4-6 week. A week later i received paper work from the so called claims department that they will pay $105 for damages of the bed. They did not include the treadmill. As far as my floor they said they can be held liable. The icing on the cake i have to notarize this paper as well. So they want to pay $105 for damages, while i have spent $50 + $10 on notery. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, YOU WILL REGRET IT.