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Awful Company to deal with

Submitted this review about JD Carton & Son
Review made Live: 7/19/2013 12:18:00 PM
I would strongly recommend against anyone using this company. Below is a description of the awful experience that I had with JD Carton. The packers showed with absolutely no idea of what they were supposed to do. Other than the address they had no information. The lead of the crew asked multiple times "Are you sure this a full pack?". The packing crew did not show up with the correct materials. They did not bring any wardrobe boxes for our clothes or a TV box. The packing crew did not show up with enough boxes. One of the members of the crew had to leave to go get more boxes. This extended the time it took them to pack. Boxes were not properly marked. I ended up with multiple boxes marked either "Pots and Pans" or "Dishes" that did not have those items in them. Many boxes were just marked "Miscellaneous", there appeared to be no rhyme or reason why anything was marked as it was. Boxes were not properly packed. It appears that about halfway through the pack the team got tired of wrapping things and just started throwing everything in boxes. The packers did not show up with our original estimate. When I asked if the number of boxes was about what was estimated I was told, "I don't know, I don't have your estimate". The problems continued the day of the move. The movers showed up an hour late. I had agreed with the salesman that JD Carton would provide a team of six movers, four showed up. After about two hours another two movers showed up, this lengthened the time it took us to move. The movers did not show up with wardrobe boxes. I was told by the packing team that the moving team (since the packers failed to bring boxes to pack our clothes) would bring them. According to the lead on the moving crew "They never told us to bring wardrobe boxes". The team rigged up a TV box to hang some clothes and others were put in boxes. I believe this led directly to some of our clothes being lost on the move. A number of items of clothing seem to have been lost at some point in transit. The movers did not show up with any tools. Again I was told by the crew foreman that the packers are suppose to provide this information and did not. I had a bed frame that needed to be taken apart, I had to borrow tools from one of the maintenance men in my building to allow the bed to be taken apart. Items were lost in transit . A couple of lamps and a number of items of clothing were lost. I received a number of different quotes for this move, there were many other providers that were considerably less expensive. Considering what JD Carton charges, this kind of experience is unacceptable. Since the move I have tried to contact Brian, a VP at JD Carton. I have emailed him twice and left two voicemails. He refuses to respond. This is a company that should be avoided like the plague, they do not value their customers.