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Ripped Off!

Submitted this review about Jet Lines Moving & storage
Review made Live: 1/17/2011 9:32:00 PM
Robbery without a gun. They quote one thing, and once they have your items on the truck and on the way to the move location, they arrive and add in unauthorized packing fees etc. ours totaled over $400, well over! Just for packing tape. Then they hold your items on the truck and will not remove them until paid in full (CASH ONLY). Our bill was over $1100! Way over! And they move slower than anyone I have ever seen as they charge by the hour! $64.99 per. hr. They then proceeded to add in fuel costs of 10% totaling well over $100 and finally broken items and by the time your done you wish you had protection against the disease they are spreading! "F" is the rating I give, as well as the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, and most everyone I find on Google! Check them out prior to use, if you do, you will surely NEVER USE THESE GUYS! Some more helpful information about this company, it seems the way they operate is: You end up filling out a form on-line, they call you, you don't call them. If you ever need to call their office, they NEVER answer! ANY OF THE PHONE NUMBERS! Because it seems they know they are getting frustrated, pissed off calls from the countless individuals they have just taken advantage of! They tell you they need your credit card number to start, and never tell you it will be $1200 or more in CASH ONLY in the end! They arrive and have you sign all the disclaimer release forms, they hand you a blank fees schedule and instruct you to sign the schedule, then they start the job off slow and proceed to wrap EVERYTHING without your knowledge that they are charging you hundreds of dollars for the wrap! And I mean hundreds, $490 or so! When you ask them to speed it up, they seem to go slower, one of them was even rude enough to tell my grandmother no to worry about it, he assures her that all the items in the house (not the garage) will fit into the truck by the end of the day, and my mother to leave him alone. I wanted to beat him down, of course that would be against the law and I would end up on jail, as the criminals get away with anything & EVERYTHING! When they finally do get what ever THEY want to load in the truck, and get to your final destination. Prior to off load, right in the middle of the job, they want to get PAID! Which at that time you will need to stop everything and go to the nearest ATM hoping you have that kind of money ($1200) laying around in your account or you won't get your items back! They threaten to take and store them, charging you a storage fee and probably overtime fees etc. They won't unload the truck until they are PAID IN FULL IN CASH! Then, once they don't care about their attitude towards you or anyone in your household! They get even ruder if that were possible! They won't accept instruction of where you would like your items, some may be broken in transit or by the movers them selves and they WILL NOT STAND BEHIND THE DAMAGE THEY INFLICT! To get them out of there on time so we would not have to pay an additional $64.99, we went as far as to have them place EVERYTHING in the garage and we took it from there as they offloaded it into the garage! The police can't do anything for you as it is a crime to be determined in a court of law. The only way you may get justice is if you get them mad enough to violate you in someway, then, and only then... the police may be able to help you if they show up in time. This company has a Better Business Bureau grade of "F" so, they really don't care about their reputation or customers period. I left messages three times and days later, still have not received a call back! The owner/boss would not speak to us while our furniture and items were being held ransom on the truck and the guys over charged us for the labor (actual time working) as well, while they took their time to have their lunch, which we paid for, and then estimate the bill, wait for FULL PAYMENT IN CASH, use the rest room, and proceed to tell us the meter is running and the longer we take to arrange for payment the higher the bill will be. I have some very distinct words for these guys, not a single one is favorable. The OWNER finally called me three and a half days later, I will keep you updated on the outcome, I don't have high hopes as I Googled this company and it seems that EVERY BRANCH has the same reviews! Very disturbing! And the US Government still has not gotten involved!?? WTH!?