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Without a doubt the WORST move I have had in my 18-year military career.

Submitted this review about Joe Moholland Moving
Review made Live: 12/30/2013 10:01:00 PM
I will begin by saying that Joe Moholland Moving (a Mayflower flagged moving company) is meeting the MINIMUM obligation as outlined in the Joint Travel RegulationXXXbut that is it. Overall, the customer service is horrid and their staff places the company's financial gains over their commitment to providing quality service. Knowing that Owen Moholland is a military veteran I am appalled that his company places such little stock in moving military families. At the request of JMM's customer service they moved our loading dates up and provided our family with a delivery date, exact times to be worked out with the driver. After they finished loading our home (again, at a time that was more convenient for their company) they informed us they would no longer be able to delivery our household goods when they agreed. Initially we were provided with no reason, other than the dispatcher wouldn't release our shipment; after complaining about the company breaking the verbal agreement to deliver, it was revealed that JMM was delaying our shipment by three days so they could pick up another home in the area. Now I completely appreciate the financial aspects of running a business but JMM placed their financial gain over the commitment they made to us. When pressed for an explanation John Grimsley, manager of JMM, stated JMM was within their rights to move the dates as long as they meet the required delivery date and they had no obligation to meet the verbal agreement they made with the family being moved. The delivery dates moving is just the tip of the iceberg. The company sent out a truck that was WAY TOO SMALL for our home and is "piecemealing" it on two separate trucks. The second of the trucks was then taken to company's warehouse and crated with no clear projected delivery date. Grimsley again stated they have until the RDD to deliver the items. As we all know, the more you move things the more they are damaged; it remains to be seen if everything even made it into the crates and their condition when it finally arrives. It is pretty obvious to most that a household of five would not fit into a truck the size of a Uhaul truck. Since military moves are paid for by the military we, the service members, have little recourse other than to make sure others know this company places little value in the military families being moved. We aren't paying their bill so they will use every possible exception in the JTR to make the move easiest and most profitable for their company. Any family in the great DC or Tidewater regions who are assigned JMM should call their travel office and request another company.