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Submitted this review about King Arhtur Moving LLC
Review made Live: 3/10/2010 8:32:00 PM
If I could, and there was an option, I wouldn't give them a star at all because they don't deserve it. This was the worse moving experience I have ever encountered. 1) Rich Ryan, a cunning and deceptive man, is the epitome of what a sales person person is. He feeds you false security on a golden spoon of lies. Everything this man said was the opposite of what turned out with our whole transaction. He claimed that King Arthur Moving was the best around because "When your family needs to relocate across America, you can expect that King Arthur Moving Express will treat your things like they are our own." He also claimed that their prices are the best around as well, which he makes it sound like they are because he has you walk around your house house claiming what you are taking and bases the estimate off that. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE A PROFESSIONAL MOVER COME OUT TO YOUR HOUSE TO LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE SO THEY CAN GET A BETTER ESTIMATE OF ALL YOUR ITEMS. He said our estimate was little over a grand and that was perfect for us so we paid the 200 deposit and set the pick up date. I asked how long would it take and he ASSURED me that it wouldn't be over 7 days. but he did tell me they legally have up to 21 days to send but it never takes that long. WHAT HE DIDN'T MENTION WAS IT'S 21 BUSINESS DAYS (which is over a month) THAT THEY LEGALLY HAVE TO SEND THE ITEMS, BUT IF YOU LOOK ON THE BACK OF THE CONTRACT, IT ACTUALLY SAYS 30 BUSINESS DAYS. YOU DO THE MATH. Everything seemed perfect Until... 2) Our pick up time was supposed to be between 7am-9am, this is what it said on our contract as well as what we were told, 7am came, nothing. 8 am came, nothing. 9am came, nothing. It wasn't too much of a concern because we understand that things fall behind. It wasn't until it was NOON that we tried calling, keyword is TRIED, because no one would pick up. Not Rich, Not the Two office numbers that were on the site, NOTHING and NO BODY. it wasn't until an hour later at 1 that Rich finally called asking me whats up. I proceeded to tell him that the truck isn't there and I don't have to say the time because its substantially late. He said it should have been and he's going to look into it.He didn't call until maybe an hour later saying that our move wasn't in the system. AT ALL. Which was obviously wrong because we booked it a week and a half to two weeks prior, more then enough time to process everything. He tells me he's going to look to see what he can do, a little while later a driver calls and tells me he can't make until 4 that after noon. WHAT? So they were 10 hours late at pick up, they told me that they didn't get a call for our move so they didn't know they had to come pick up. any ways, After everything was packed on the truck (mind you this truck isnt the truck delivering your stuff to your final destination, this is a 3rd party sub contractor that picks up your items to drop them off at their warehouse or storage facility, which in doing so your personal belongings can either be lost or even STOLEN {i will go into detail later}) our estimate ended up being over 4,000 DOLLARS. Nothing close to the original estimate. Of course King Arthur moving, or Rich, since you would be wanting to get a hold of him but you wont be able to because no one answers the phones there, will tell you that they can't do anything about it and its pretty much your fault because you should have told him everything you were taking (WHICH THEY SHOULD HAVE HAD A PROFESSIONAL COME OUT BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT OTHER PROFESSIONAL MOVING COMPANIES DO, DONT BELIEVE ME, CONTACT THEM). We couldn't do anything since ALL (i will go into why i emphasized all) of our stuff was on the truck so we agreed to the payment. 3) We drive across country with our 4 month old daughter, 5 days later reach our final destination which was in Northern Virginia and I TRY to contact King Arthur moving to see what the status update was. And it took about a couple days for me to get into contact with anyone there. When I was able to they said THEY HAVEN'T EVEN LEFT! all of our clothes, our baby's clothes and personal items were in LA still. So I keep trying to figure out when it will arrive and no one seemed to know. "They would call me back", it took about 2 weeks after we were in Virginia to find to find out that the trucks were "Broke". (they use third party drivers to transport items, not their own trucks. those photos on the site. those are probably staged so dont believe it, and if you expect a truck to roll up to your house with King Arthur on the side, dont think about it.). So I would call every other day to see where our stuff was, and every time i tried to Contact Rich, I either couldn't reach him or when I did he had a nasty attitude towards me or my girl friend. After all that, our stuff finally arrives, almost a month later. A MONTH AFTER WE LEFT!!!! If you don't care about getting your items timely then there you go. So they started unloading the truck, it was a relief to finally see our valuables and most importantly our clothes, mainly for our daughter. Since, FOR A MONTH, she had to wear the same few out fits we had packed for her for our trip (mind you they've been washed haha). So im looking at some of our stuff, and I see our metal red cabinets are all scuffed and scratched. NO ONE WRAPPED THEM? They were actually going to load my $2000 drums on the truck without putting blankets around them. Only god knows how they would've looked if they were hauled around unprotected. I also see that one of dinning room chairs are broken. the back end looks like someone kicked it and it snapped. They were also putting OTHER PEOPLES items with ours. I had to let them know that those things didn't belong to us. And they were like, Oh ok, sorry. After they unloaded everything I noticed that our Wii and 22’’ flat screen tv were missing. So I had them look on the truck and it’s no where to be found. THEY LOST OUR Wii AND TV! Are you kidding me? So again Im trying to contact them and it is still nearly impossible to get a hold of someone and finally when I told them the Manager Alison, who seemed to be concerning and polite at first, said she would look into it. A couple week’s later, nothing. She said that it wasn’t in the storage or warehouse area and that the insurance that comes with the move (0.60 cents per pound) will have to go through claims. SHES TELLING ME THAT I WILL HAVE TO GO TO CLAIMS AND BASICALLY GET A FEW DOLLARS FOR MY Wii AND A FEW DOLLARS FOR MY TV. THEY LOST OUR VALUABLE ITEMS THAT THEY WERE RESONPONSIBLE FOR, THAT THEY WERE SUPPOSEDLY SUPPOSE TO TREAT AS IF IT WERE THEIR OWN, AND THEY WANT ME TO GET A FEW BUCKS FROM IT. IS THAT A COMPANY YOU WANT HAULING YOUR PERSONAL BELONGINGS THAT YOU WORKED HARD TO GET? You answer that for your self. DO NOT USE KING ARTHUR MOVING. DO NOT!!!!! Despite what they say, they are lying, once they receive payment from you they do not care how your items are received to you and they will make it apparent that THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION NOR ARE THEY EQUIPTED TO PROVIDE GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. They might try to pretend a little more now because I wouldn’t just walk away from THEIR mistakes. But DO NOT give in to their lies. You’re better off renting a U-Haul or going to a different company. TRUST ME.