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Submitted this review about King Arhtur Moving LLC
Review made Live: 1/3/2010 3:08:00 PM
So I read a recent review about someone who used King Arthur moving and I have to say the experience was strikingly similar. First, I was swooned into false confidence that the company I was choosing to do my cross country move was the best choice of all companies I was in contact with at the time. It seems as though this wouldn't be the first time they do this to potential clients. Rich was my contact and all he did was praise that King Arthur movers were the best in the business, they were speedy, the least expensive, timely, and professional. After he cunningly deceived me into paying in the $200 deposit, He had me go around my house and tell him which items I was packing instead of having a professional come out and survey our place so we could have a accurate quote. After he came up with a quote and we agreed to a pick up date, he told me that our stuff would be there within 4 days of pick up, I never heard back from him since. which was a good 3-4 weeks before the move. On our quote we were told the movers would come around 7-9 am and have everything loaded on the truck ready to go within a couple hours. This was perfect for us considering I was driving across country with my girlfriend and our 5 month old daughter and I wanted to get as early start as I could get. 7 am rolls around, we weren't concerned given we had a window of 7-9. 9 am rolls around, we still weren't too bothered being that we understand things can run behind and this was probably that occasion. it wasn't until noon hit that we started calling King Arthur moving. Just as the last review, we called the 800 number for the office, the regular number for the office, and Rich's number about 10 times each. leaving voice mails each time. It wasn't until 2pm he finally called us back saying that they should have been there and there must have been some sort of mix up. I proceeded to tell him that I've been trying to get a hold of every known contact through the company and we got no response. He then said he would contact a dispatcher to let us know what the situation was. After about another hour we get a call from a driver saying that he wasn't told that they had any other pick up that day other then a pick up in Hollywood and Long Beach. This bothered me being we made the reservation 3-4 weeks prior to the pick up date. The driver then proceeded to tell me he wouldn't be able to come pick up until 4:30pm, that is a whopping 7 hours after the intended pick up as i was told. With out much of a choice we said we will be waiting for them, and we did. Now on our end we weren't completely packed being that I was working everyday except the last day before the move, so all of our things weren't all together. maybe 90%. it took about another hour to figure out how we are going to handle this situation being that we weren't going to pay in full for a service that was less then satisfactory. so we came to an agreement that the pick up guys will finish the packing of our items and load into a truck. These guys were the only good thing about this experience so far. They were quick and efficient, the only thing i would say that wasn't good is that they put everything in a box which isnt great for organization, but at that moment we didn't care. After they loaded the truck, which by this time was around 8-8:30pm we were told the estimate given was completely off compared to the items we have loaded on the truck. the cost of the whole move tripled at the moment. which, if Rich had a professional come out in the beginning to look at our stuff we would have had an accurate estimate the first time around. We get all the paper work situated and headed on our journey to DC. We have been here over a week and a half and we still do not have our stuff. making from the time they picked up our items to now over a week late. We consistently try calling all the available contact numbers and like in the beginning we still cant get a hold of anyone. we would call all day then two days later get a call from Rich saying he doesnt know what's going on. we left December 19th 2009, it is now January 3rd 2010 and we do not have our items. we dont know where it is and we still cant seem to get a hold of anyone who seems to know. so for your sake steer clear from King Arthur moving, unless quality, timeliness, professionalism, and integrity isnt what you want in a company.