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Submitted this review about Kings Van Lines, Inc
Review made Live: 10/14/2015 12:27:00 PM
I love Kings! It is beyond impressive how well they packed up my belongings and got me moved in the blink of an eye. Allow me to share the detailed parameters of my move, to anyone who can relate. My destination was Houston, TX from Riverside, CA. I opted for the full service move, with the packing option. Kings rounded up a crew of 4 fantastic movers, each professionally trained and skilled. A couple of the guys focused on packing boxes and fragile items, while the other guys loaded the wrapped up items. The even distribution of labor compressed the time down quite a bit. I expected the packing and loading process to take about 7 hours. They did it in 5 and 1/2. Once everything was loaded, they took care to clean the area and removed all the disposable surplus of packing materials. They swept the area to make sure that nothing was left behind and even did a double check on the master inventory record... wow, just wow. My experience in the booking phase was just as satisfying. The rep I spoke with was available every time I called in. I didn't expect him to be there all the time, but it was just a convenient coincidence I guess. What set him apart from the other reps I spoke with (via competitors), was that he did not have the salesman/pushy demeanor. I later found out that they do not have a sales department; the reps are on salary rather than commission, so no incentive to push a booking. As for the condition of my stuff....pristine. I cross-referenced the condition of each item upon delivery against the master inventory manifest. I noticed that the description of the condition of the items were heavily leaned in my favor. The movers did not heavily scrutinize the dents and scratches that my furniture already had. Fortunately, I did not have to file a claim at all anyway. One word of advice to my fellow customers is to count for the longer side of the delivery window. I happened to receive my shipment right in the middle of the window quoted, but I think I got lucky. Allow at least 8 days prior to your desired delivery date for the pick up. If your stuff gets there sooner, than you'll just be pleasantly surprised. Thank you to Alma, Sean, Alicia, Brandon, Gio, Michael, Nick, and Jeff. These are all of the team members who made my experience a pleasant and peaceful one.