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Moving Nightmare.

Submitted this review about Liberty Relocation
Review made Live: 11/22/2014 12:15:00 AM
Moving Nightmare. There is a saying in Russia: “To relocate is like to survive the fire”. Not to follow it, we decided to hire professionals. Liberty-Relocation (Great American Moving and Storage)) in Houston was our choice. It was an ordinary Monday morning, and the sun was still gently teasing horizon with its lively reddish haze. My dad and I emptied the car, and prepared to drive over to our new house in west Houston. Everything seemed to be going according to plan, and we were rather anxious to get all of our furniture from the storage unit down the street. However, there was one slight problem… all of our things were shipped to New York.. It’s one thing when someone makes a mistake, and then makes up for it; but this was something different. After Liberty Relocation kindly informed us about the tiny misplacement of our belongings, it boldly demanded that we pay ($6,500!!!) for the moving costs of our things from NY back to Houston. One of the owners, Brian Myer, didn’t seem to see the problem with the misplacement, or the fact that we now had to live in our new home without any furniture or kitchen appliances. To make the matters worse, the timeline for the arrival of our things was, well, to put it rather softly – inconsistent with the promises of Brian Myer (Minkof). “The truck is on the way back” – he told us time and again – “it should be here in a few days”. A week went by, and then another, and another. Our furniture was nowhere to be seen. It was as if no one in Liberty Relocation knew about what was going on. Of course, the outrageous circumstances and the unfulfilled promises did not leave us no choice but to consult a legal expert. However, even with a presence of a lawyer, the moving company still wanted the payment for the shipment from NY that was, it seemed, on its infinite journey back to Houston. After negotiation, Mr. Myer, generously, agreed to charge us only $2,200. In all truth, I was struggling to comprehend the entire situation. It seemed as if we did not live in a nation of capitalism, responsibility, and integrity. Instead, the circumstances were similar to those of my home country Russia, where crooks and cheats were always right around the corner. At last, our persistent pressure was partially heard by the co-owner of the company, Nicole Green (who, according to the other employees, was also apparently in conflict with Myer). Nicole attempted to listen to our situation and stared to agree to cover some of the expenses. However, our troubles did not end here. After we finally got our things shipped back to our house, we found that much of the furniture and art was damaged or missing due to obvious negligence. All that could be broken, was broken. Many of our electronics were missing …stolen. Of course, this did not come as a huge surprise since we saw the drivers of Liberty Relocation trucks literally walking on the top of the boxes that they were loading by the main office. Needless to say that all our rights were trampled on by the company Liberty Relocation. They did not even left us an inventory of our goods, which we must acknowledge delivery of, and sign when received. We have tied (with no success) to get it from Mrs. Green, but she does not have it either!!! Looks like nobody responsible for anything in this company. Negligence, lack of responsibility, dishonesty, and deception –who knew that moving from Galveston to Houston would be so expensive and excruciatingly troublesome. Do careful research before selecting your moving company; stay away from Great American Moving and Storage. or better yet, rent a moving truck yourself.