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Lost most precious belongings

Submitted this review about Liberty Transportation
Review made Live: 10/12/2010 7:31:00 AM
Liberty Transportation has lost two boxes that were most precious to me during my move from NYC to France. They contained notes that my father wrote in the hospital before passing away, and unique family pictures, letters and documents of which we have no copies. Losing these boxes meant losing our father's only memories and has caused profound distress to my siblings and myself. It also means that my children and baby niece will have no trace of who their grandfather was. The loss of these boxes is the result of a series of mistakes on Liberty Transportation's part, including the following ones: (1) The container with my belongings was un-sealed and unloaded without authorization before reaching my house and its content transferred into 2 vans, due to an incident with the driver. (2) The movers did not have an inventory list for me to check off upon delivery and were very much in a hurry to leave, with no time to go through everything with me. They did not know how many items they had delivered and had obviously not counted them. (3) Some inventory numbers did not correspond to the content of the boxes, which seems to indicate that the inventory was not accurately done in NYC. Boxes from previous moves were not re-packed in Liberty boxes, as they should have been as per regulations in this matter. Some items were broken and pieces left behind in the apartment. Liberty Transportation and their affiliates in France have both admitted in writing to the facts as listed above. Here is a quote from Liberty Transportation's President: "It is apparent that there was a breakdown of our processes which document the chain of custody of your shipment - both here in the US and also in France". A very worrying statement for customers, obviously. In addition to these mistakes, Liberty Transportation handled the follow-up of the case in the most careless manner: not responding to emails, not answering to phone calls, not sending the requested information, reporting very poorly on action taken to locate the boxes, etc. Following my employer s (United Nations) insistence that I get compensation, Liberty suggested a 500 USD settlement (when I paid them 7,400 USD for the move), which is profoundly insulting considering the prejudice made. We have of course declined that offer. This was my 5th overseas move, and I never came across such an unprofessional handling before. Keep away.