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Submitted this review about LIGHT EXPRESS VAN LINES
Review made Live: 2/25/2014 6:04:00 PM
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! THEY ARE THIEVES! My husband and I moved from to NY to Colorado and hired a broker who in turn hired Light Express Van Lines, Inc. Three drivers came to pick up our belongings and were 4 hrs late. When they arrived I had an instant sickness to my stomach as I felt they were very shady. Needless to say the guy tried to quote me a different quote then what I was originally told . He then tried to get me to go with them directly stating he would give me a different rate so on and so forth. In so many words he was trying to go against my contract with the broker. The deal was we pack, they load and unload. We had 140 boxes among a king bed, coffee table, 2 end tables, tall wooden wine rack, tv, Christmas tree in bag etc. While on the road to Colorado I received a call from the moving coming stating our stuff would arrive in 2 days...yea right, try 21 days later our stuff arrived and it was half of what we had. We are missing a total of 66 boxes, we received 1/2 of our recliner chair, tall wine rack is missing, coffee table, guitar, snowboard so on and so forth missing. The movers who came refused to unload our stuff until we paid them. I was at work and my husband was there. My husband eventually paid him b/c they refused to give us our belongings. My husband then went upstairs for 5 minutes and came back down and the movers were gone. Our stuff was left on the grass in snow and by a dumpster. We tried calling the drivers and he ignored our calls. We called the broker as well as Light Express Van Lines. They stated they delivered everything which is obviously a lie. I do not own 1/2 of a recliner chair and clearly the inventory sheet that I signed off on when they picked up clearly said 140 boxes. The driver who delivered never provided my husband of inventory documentation at drop off so clearly they have no grounds to stand on. Not very smart people.This is clearly a case of theft! We are missing 30k+ of belongings and the majority of it is New & gifts. Ali the owner has been no help at all and obviously takes no pride in his company nor his customers. He has argued with me stating the drivers said they deivered everything and mentioning bags. We had one bag and that was the bag our christmas tree was in. Everything else was in boxes. He is taking his drivers word over mine. I am the customer and know what I own and what was and wasn't delivered. Once again, I do not own half a chair. I have filed a police report and am in the process of an attorney! Ali and his company are very unprofessional and shady people. All I wanted was for my stuff to be returned. My stuff clearly went somewhere. You do not just misplace/lose 66 boxes among other things and have no idea where they are especially when you the moving company are responsible. Ali the owner stated my stuff was put in its own storage unit when they picked up and drove back to jersey. If that was the case, we would have been delivered ALL of our belongings. I am going to do everything in power to make sure this company is shut down and make everybody aware of how crooked Light Express Van Lines, Inc. is. They are messing with innocent people's lives/belongings. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!