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Submitted this review about Logan-Movers-Aka-Landg-Movers
Review made Live: 7/7/2008 10:51:00 PM
We moved with them recently in Toronto. They promise competitive hourly rate + 1 hour traveling time, no hidden cost, free moving supplies, excellent service, etc, etc. And then: - arrive an hour and a half late (despite it being their first move of the day) - no wardrobe boxes as promised - the signature to confirm starting time turns out to be signing a rip-off contract with totally unexpected conditions nobody in sound mind would agree ("The movers will not relinquish possession until all the charges are paid in full. .... minimum of 4 hours labour and one hour travel time for any move. Unloading time will be estimated via loading time..." etc.) Try to refuse and find a different mover when you have to vacate the place in two hours ... - take more than 3 hours to load the truck with all the stuff (1bdrm) already waiting next to it, except a few heavy things - after arriving to a new place (2-minute drive) and telephone call to "the company" they produce a 'bill' - they hold all our things locked on the truck demanding us to pay a ridiculous amount of money coming from their 'estimate' - more than $500 for a half-a-block-away move after my husband and I did most of the job (except the heaviest furniture) - after long and nerve-recking negotiations, calling the police ('the company' says: "You can call the police, but the guys don't have to wait till it comes"), they agree to lower the price to $410 and try to make us sign a credit card form with no amount. Even after we wrote $410, they still charged $452 on the credit card. - a guy with no name at the 'office' with no address swears at me and threatens to take all our things to their storage if we don't pay within 10 min. If he does not swear, he always hangs up before you ask any further questions. It's been a week since he promises to return the overcharge. I'll be very pleasantly surprised if he does. It actually is very well-organized money squeezing that happens with many people. I found about a dozen postings about this 'company'. All have exactly the same scenario and some date as far back as 2005. How many unposted? The guy knows. By the way, the actual movers themselves were o.k. They were not too fast, but I felt really sorry for them - they cannot say a word without calling "the company". Obviously, they have to do the scam that 'the company" wants them to do, or they'll lose their hard and poorly-paid jobs.