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Charged me double, broken items, missing items

Submitted this review about Long Distance Movers
Review made Live: 3/3/2016 11:12:00 AM
Drivers did not tell me when they were arriving. Dispatch could not tell me when they were arriving even though I scheduled a certain date. I had the items moved to my current location 3 weeks later than scheduled. I have numerous missing items such as a sound bar, trek bicycle, book shelves, etc. I also had many items broken and packed unprofessionally, such as glass lamps (cracked), table legs broken (I had to glue back together), etc. I had the worst experience with long distance movers of any company I've ever worked with. After being given a quote over the phone, and paying 10% of my move in advance, the driver shows up and says my estimated 260 cubic feet is all off and it's more like 400 cubic feet and proceeds to try and charge me an additional $1100. Now I estimate construction for a living, I know cubic feet and I know that I didn't have anything close to 400 of them. It turns out he thought I was taking several pieces of furniture I wasn't actually taking, even when this was explained he refused to budge on the quote, which screams scam to me. He was dismissive and down right rude to me, completely ignoring me and everything I had to say. I tried calling the company three times while he was here and all any representative would tell me is, "sorry can't do anything, driver has final say." Once the driver left I pulled out my measuring tape and measured each and every last thing he was supposed to move and the grand total? 194 cubic feet. I felt talked down to patronized by every person I spoke to at this company. If you're going to charge by the cubic foot, you have to actually understand how cubic feet work. Horrible Horrible unprofessional company.