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Worst move experience possible

Submitted this review about Longhorn Moving
Review made Live: 9/7/2010 2:21:00 PM
Below is a copy of the complaint filed with the BetterBusiness Bureau: A quote was requested from Longhorn Moving on Aug 3, 2010. The quote was given to the customer with the stated intention of the company obtaining a back-haul to help keep the cost low. The original quote was just under $700. A $50 deposit was paid at the time of the quote. The day prior to the move the customer phoned the company to double check and make sure everything was in place and ready to go. The quote was looked over, time was set, and everything seemed good to go. The morning of the move, Sept 4, 2010, the customer received a phone call at 8 am (the agreed to time for arrival). The company then explained that they would not be able to do the move at the agreed to price. They requested to be paid $1200. They had no back-haul, which is not the customer's problem. A price of $1000 for the move was reluctantly agreed to by both sides and the movers were sent on their way. At 1 pm, they finally arrived at the pickup location. The price was then raised to $1300 due to a difference in the actual number of boxes compared to what was on the inventory sheet. One of the workers commented that this happens all the time and that the girl who did our quote and was "fired" for the "mistake" had been "fired 4 other times". The customer was told at the time of the quote that an adjustment in box number would not be a big deal at all and that 50 boxes was simply an estimate. The customer very reluctantly agreed to the price after much debate. The movers began getting ready to load. They showed up without a dolly or an appliance dolly for a move from a third floor apartment. After struggling with carrying boxes by hand, the company requested that the customer take them to a local store to purchase a dolly with the customer's money and that amount would be deducted from the bill. The cost of the dolly's was $119.01. The truck was finally loaded just after 9 pm. Once on the road (move from Allen, TX to The Woodlands, TX), the customer received a phone call that the truck was not in fact headed to The Woodlands as was planned, but was going back to Kaufman for the night. It was agreed that the movers would leave Kaufman at 6:30 am and arrive at the destination at 10 am on 9/5/2010. On the morning of 9/5/2010, the company did not show up until 11:15 am. $1200 in cash was paid before the truck began to be unloaded. The full $1200 was paid because the customer was informed that the $50 deposit was not included in the $1300 price given the previous day. During the unloading process a mistake was made that was being corrected. When the company was confronted about it, the company representative for the move became verbally abusive toward the female customer. The worker even accused the customer of being a racist. The supervisor was called. The move was completed at approximately 6 pm. This was by far the worst customer service I have ever received. Having the price "adjusted" twice is completely uncalled for. Being treated so disrespectfully is unimaginable. The incident referred to in the complaint was rolling a dolly through vomit on the way to the apartment and then tracking it across the carpet.