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Submitted this review about National-Van-Lines
Review made Live: 7/10/2014 12:44:00 PM
Let me begin with DO NOT USE THIS MOVING COMPANY! RUN IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION! Pay more, use a uhaul, do anything but hire them. They start off friendly and helpful and once they have your things they turn around and show their true colours. The movers confirmed that MANY customers were angry after this last weekend , so I am not alone in feeling this way.I don't even know where to begin andI apologize to readers for the length of this review.I moved from Maryland to Chicago and I needed my belongings by the 2nd. When scheduling I told them that they should adjust the pick up date to guarantee that my belongings would arrive on time and they assured me that my pick up date was the date that would guarantee this. I was supposed to get a phone call two days prior to pick up. I did not . I emailed, called, left voice mails because I had questions regarding my move. I didnt get a response for three days, the afternoon before the supposed morning of their arrival, after basically having to flip out that I am paying money and the least they could do was answer my questions which were pertinent to being ready for pick up. They picked up my belongings and didnt provide the weight of the truck before and after . I was told that the weight would be provided on monday morning so that I would know my balance.I never received a call. I needed to know my balance prior to my flight because I would have been charged a fee to pay by card and I hadnt set up my bank in Chicago yet. After a ridiculous number of phone calls , emails all day and yet another flip out, I received a phone call a few minutes before my bank closed. The office finally got back to me and provided me with the boss's number because he wasn't calling me like he was supposed to. David the "boss" told me he would tell me my balance first thing tuesday morning. Tuesday morning I didnt hear from him. I called in the afternoon and he said he would tell me my balance the next afternoon. So, yet again I was left to wait on a phone call that never came. Furthermore, he informed me that he would tell me my scheduled drop off date. My belongings hadn't even moved 2 miles of where I was moving from.When I told him I was guaranteed delivery the next day he got nasty and told me for what I was paying he couldn't expediate the process and he could bring my belongings as late as the 16th if he liked. He snapped at me to call the office if i had a problem with it and they would call him and he would tell them the same thing. I literally was lied to,forced to live like a squatter with no clothes, unable to work for over a week all because they were unable to provide a service that they were willing to accept money for. I had to express my anger via email and phone calls just to get a response and a balance. The balance was provided asking for a lot more money. I informed them that I didnt receive certified weights to confirm the balance. They told me I would get that information when they delivered. They of course did not provide it upon delivery.I have never seen any information that can confirm I wasn't ripped off. Furthermore, they move your belongings with other's. Weigh station documentation is reflective of the total weight and NOT the weight of your belongings. They turned around and told me its their busiest time of year and to understand. IF YOU WERE AWARE THAT IT WAS THE BUSIEST TIME OF YEAR, YOU SHOULD HAVE CREATED YOUR SCHEDULE ACCORDINGLY. I paid money for a service and you shouldnt have taken my money if you were unable to provide it. I was offered an insulting 12 percent discount for their mess up. I lost way more than that because of their screw ups. Who picks up people's belongings without knowing when they will be able to get around to delivering them?That's something that was worked out PRIOR to me paying!I do not care what your circumstances are. As a company it is the company's responsibility to provide what they promise, not the customers responsibility to understand when they dont. I dont care for the excuses, I didnt appreciate the attitude, I didnt appreciate being told that my move was such little money compared to their expenses(their reason for providing poor business. Charge more if that's what is needed to value your customers and do a good job), I didn't appreciate being lied to, I didn't appreciate the lack of communication. The list could go on. They need to learn how to run a business or they need to close shop. I laugh to think that the movers had the nerve to ASK for a TIP when they finally came!And a special shout out to David, a boss who doesn't know how to be respectful or appreciative of/to customers!