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Unfornate Victim

Submitted this review about Nationwide Top Movers
Review made Live: 9/28/2013 5:52:00 PM
The one star rating is too high, DO NOT USE THIS CO! I moved from CA to OH in 2011 because my mother became ill. I reviewed Green Pacific Van Lines, not their corp company Nationwide Top Movers or their moving company called Trusted Moving and Storage. If I had done my homework on those entities I would have seen HUNDREDS of horrific reviews. My nightmare began on the date of moving, for $1,700 the movers showed up barely speaking English, they were three hours late, they moved at a snails pace and were there past midnight. I was due out of the apt that day but unfortunately the movers “overbooked” their schedule and couldn’t fit all of my items in the truck. They promised to be back early in the morning to remove the items from the garage and on that day I received a phone call at 9PM not AM from the movers, Henry this time, asking me how to get into the garage! So I had to ask the apt to open the garage so they can move my stuff but “don’t worry everything is coded so it’ll all come at the same time” Bullsh*t! Anyways, since I was worried they didn’t have all of my stuff I called Allie to very my inventory, even emailing her just in case and was given reassurance it was ok. TWO months later, sleeping on the floor, they gave me a date of delivery. When the driver called, Zion, he was mean plain and simple. “If you can not meet me at the time I’m giving you then I’ll drop your stuff at a storage place for you to pick up” I met him and found ½ of my stuff was missing. I called Allie she said not to worry that my stuff would be delivered, the stuff they did deliver was either smashed or destroyed. I filed a complaint to be reimbursed only to find out that they wouldn’t do so. I found out that the DOT shut them down and the company supposedly sent out a letter to pick up your stuff in Dec 2012, which I never received! See these two websites before you proceed if you don’t believe me. as well as