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Submitted this review about North American Master Lines
Review made Live: 10/8/2013 11:13:00 PM
Steer clear from these crooks! These dishonest people will lie and tell you whatever you want to hear to get you hooked. MY MOVE WAS A TOTAL NIGHTMARE. These people give the moving industry a bad name. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS. About these movers: They have changed their business name 3 times in 1 year. From North Eastern Van Lines to First Choice Van Lines to North American Master Lines. What kind of business has the need to change their name so often??? CROOKS! Even worse, their address is fake! The business is registered under a UPS store address! Go to and see for yourself! They operate from a tiny warehouse in FL (SHADY NEIGHBORHOOD) and their office is the size of a bedroom. Their office is extremely shady! This is simply a 3 man operation with a bunch of Russians and that move all of your stuff. I was lied and deceived from the very beginning. First of all, they will underestimate your moving weight to make it look extremely attractive. They estimated my moving weight to be 4250 lbs at approximately 1400 dollars. I provided them with approximately 90% my moving items (maybe an a few more things here and there with an additional 10 large moving boxes. My move came to approximately a total of 7000 pounds. I could not believe where the other 3000 pounds came from their weight ticket. When the movers finished packing up my things (10pm) they told me they were estimating my total weight to be 9000LBS. They tried to hustle me to prepay so I would avoid paying over 3500 with the weigh in. Thankfully, I stood my ground and told them I would risk overpaying if needed. They got upset and then they told me I needed to go with them from DC to BALTIMORE to witness the weigh in of the truck! RIDICULOUS! BUT WAIT! THERE IS MORE! I was told by the sales rep (LENNY) my items would be promptly picked up and delivered easily within 3 to 5 business days. My move took a total of 28 CALENDAR DAYS! My items were pickup on Sunday July 28 and DELIVERED on AUGUST 24! The sales rep lied and told me that the same truck that would pick up my items would delivery items in Florida. He never disclosed that my items would be commingled and stored in a warehouse in Baltimore until their truck would gather enough clients to make the drive down to Florida. On the day the movers came to pick up my items, I asked Elizabeth (sales rep that replaced Lenny) for her professional opinion to estimate how many days I needed to book a hotel until my items would arrive. Her answer: to be safe, book it by the next Saturday or Sunday (7 CALENDAR DAYS.) 3 days later and the horror began. I began to call from the 3rd business day to get an update on my move. Elizabeth (super bright!!!!!!!!!!!!) kept telling me… I don’t know when the movers are going to leave MD. I don’t have a time yet… I don’t know. Call me tomorrow for an update ok? THEY KEPT ME TELLING ME THE SAME THING FOR THE NEXT 4 WEEKS! Sometimes they would not answer or even call me back! Besides being late, rude, and EXTREMELY CUSTOMER FOCUSED, they lost 1 large box, damaged one of my mattresses, and broke one of my lamps. Do yourself a favor and take this advice… Whomever you are thinking of hiring, check their BBB record and most importantly their business registration record. Steer clear from companies that routinely change their business names to clean their reputation. When going to website to review the customer experiences sort and look for the worst ratings to see what they are really about. A lot of movers hire people to write BS reviews about how good they are. Don’t be fooled by good reviews because you don’t know who writes them. A person that writes a bad review is because they want others to know about it. AVOID THEM!