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Poor Service, damaged items, overcharged

Submitted this review about North American Master Lines
Review made Live: 12/30/2013 12:27:00 AM
Let me say that I won't be using this company again and suggest you don't either. I used them for a cross country move. On the day of my move I was told the movers would show up between 12 noon and 3pm. They showed up at 3:30pm. Although they did a good job packing they did not finish until 12:30 am the next morning and once I signed the paperwork they did not drive off until 1:00am. I wasn't too pleased with them being there so late. Probably my neighbors weren't either. I was billed for services that I didn't receive. I asked for certain items to be crated and was charged $450 per crate for four crates (this is on top of the regular packing charges). The loaders only used three crates but I was still charged for four crates and the furniture that I wanted crated in the first place was too large for the crates they brought (I was told they would custom make the crates on the spot- they didn't). Not only that but when I asked to have my bill adjusted they wanted to charge me $650 each for the three crates saying that they used large crates and I was billed for small ones. This company is very bad about returning calls. I've probably called six or seven times in the last two weeks. They don't answer the phone and don't return messages. As far as the delivery goes I have called four or five times in the last ten days for the delivery date so I can take time off of work. I finally got the delivery date but not the time. I'll end up having to take the whole day off work because I have no idea when they will arrive. The movers finally arrived Christmas Eve at 3:30pm - a crew of two. The driver and his helper. The helper was this Mexican kid who sniffled a lot. I thought he was sick. An hour into unloading my stuff it turns out he was homesick. He said he was almost 20 and never had been away from San Jose before (I am 200 miles from San Jose). He wanted to go home. The driver was frustrated with him and told him he didn't have time for this and if he wanted to leave then go. Okay, Christmas Eve, my stuff is on the truck and there's a crybaby delivery guy who's homesick. To make a long story short my things got unloaded but the driver complained having to assemble beds and armoirs. Finally at 8:30pm they got ready to take off. There was a mountain of trash in my driveway, styrofoam peanuts blowing into the street and my neighbors yards, and when I asked about this the driver said "It's yours. You paid for it you get to keep it!" Then the crybaby asked if he could hang out in my front yard until his Mama picked him up. Mind you we are not talking minutes we are talking four hours or more. I told him he had to leave with the driver and he could figure out where to leave him so his ride could pick him up. To sum it up, I don't recommend this company at all. They overcharge for services not provided, they don't return phone calls, they don't seem to understand customer service, and they are certainly not professional. My original estimate was around $5452 but the cost is now up to $8441. Several boxes of my possession's (antique knicknacks) were missing and an antique marble top washbasin had a wooden part ripped off and was no where to be seen. This by the way was an item that I paid for crating for protection. It was never crated. This company will not pick up your stuff and deliver it. They hand it off to whoever is headed in your direction. No wonder stuff gets damaged and lost.