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Horrible Experience

Submitted this review about North American Van Lines
Review made Live: 6/27/2014 2:26:00 PM
I used North American - Beltmann out of Atlanta. Gave me a quote of $6021...I ended up paying $8833...even though, I used less of the services that he included in the original quote & ended up packing over half my stuff myself & used 1/2 of the boxes he originally included in estimate. Also, the weight ended up being 1 ton LESS & less cubic space than in the $6021 original quote. BUT the salesman came a few days b4 the move and went thru the house in a whirlwind, saying that it was going to be so much more & his reasons didn't add he had kept saying during the FIRST quote that he was going to over estimate & no way would it be any higher. I think he knew exactly what he was doing, taking advantage of a widow doing the move by herself & used intimidation so I wouldn't ask too many questions...and it was so close to the move date & I had already signed the papers. I called the salesman & he yelled at me, literally for about 10 min bc I had given him a bad review. I called Corporate & they said that they don't USE THE FIRST QUOTE AT ALL!!!! He knew that when he gave that new quote to me. North American thought I should be happy with a $2000 refund....even though, I should have been given back the difference from the $6021, since I use LESS SERVICES< LESS WEIGHT< LESS SERVICES & LESS CUBIC SPACE (and boxes & I packed 1/2 the stuff myself). They owe me about another $1000 & now the Corporate Customer Service rep is not responding to my emails or phone calls. Also, probably one of the worst things was the driver. I was told he would be a professional, HA! I think professionals bathe & brush there teeth more than once a month. This guy was THE MOST unprofessional person I have ever worked with & he didn't just have body odor, he smelled like a landfill in July! His breath was beyond hideous & on top of all of it, HE WAS MEAN!!! I complained about him to the coordinator & she called his boss (it was contracted out of some place in TN) and his boss said, "That's just the way he is!" Even the helpers the driver subbed out in Denver, said that they had worked with him b4 & they thought he treated his customers terribly & that he should not be trusted. This was a HORRIBLE experience!!! DO NOT USE North American Van Lines - Beltmann Group out of ATL!!!! Definitely taken advantage of & now have been brushed off by customer service.