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Pacific Moving Van Lines, Fast, Courteous and very Friendly in all Manners

Submitted this review about Pacific West Moving & Packing Services
Review made Live: 5/1/2012 10:20:00 PM
The review I am about to write is about Pacific West Moving Van Lines. I am pretty realistic about moving companies. I knew full well that if a company provides an estimate over the telephone it's going to cost more. I believe it's calculating to make the sale. We were to move furniture and a lot of other items to our son. I called them on a Saturday and they arrived at my home on same day. The lead mover had a number of pages within a contract for me to sign. A lot of it was typically vague to cover the moving company in my opinion. They did a great job getting all the things in their truck fast and courteous. They got there on time. I talked to Tim several time and he was very friendly and helpful with me. He was very good because he knows how to talk with people in a calming way. He's a professional in all manners To make a long story short, I read many of reviews about this company. I took them seriously and they didn't let me down. That really sensitized me. People who are moving or moving things are generally sensitized already because it's their belongings and I understand that. There is something about people's "things" that turn reasonable human beings in to something different. I specifically told them that the priority was to get the stuff there, with nothing missing and nothing broken. The move just ended and what I expected they fulfilled. There were no additional charges and no mayhem. That is what I worried about the most and Pacific West Van Lines did an awesome job. They did a good job and the movers who transported the stuff to my son tells me were very nice and professional. What more can you want from a moving company. They don't have to be your best friends. So my suggestion is be realistic and if you are polite and not abusive it could go along way. The Sales Rep Alex was a good guy. The other people I spoke with were fine in general. Just remember the moving business is not an easy one. One last thing. No one put me up to write this review. I am not a phantom reviewer hired by Pacific Van Lines or any one else to write good or bad reviews. I am one single individual. I think there are reviews for hire listed on this site. So consider what I am saying as "gospel" If you would ask me if I would recommend them I say speak with them and make that determination yourself. Consider my review when you do so. They have the most affordable price and very professional on time service compared to many other companies, Thank you very much guys, and Thank you so much Tim. Matthew Sop