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Dan Amzallag Cheated Me $7839.33

Submitted this review about ProAce Moving and Storage LLC
Review made Live: 12/13/2013 5:48:00 AM
SUMMARY: Dan Amzallag cheated me of my time and $7839.33 (Dan, the owner of ProAce International & MoverZfax, Gaithersburg, Maryland). I was the most recent website developer on his website, MoverZfax. It deeply saddens me to be writing these words today. Not only was Dan like a brother to me (he use to often time call me “brother”), but he was also a friend. I first met Dan in 2010. He is a very nice guy with a great sense of humor. Nearly a year and a half ago, on July 7, 2012, I joined Dan in his newest endeavor as the website developer: MoverZfax (a website). He had already been working on MoverZfax for some time, him having outsourced to various programmers from the Philippines and Poland. When I did only a basic analysis of his website, I found a multitude of errors and security vulnerabilities before even setting eyes on the code (XSS/cross-site scripting, no server-side validation, broken forms and links, discovered the database name, database username, MySQL hostname, administrator control panel which was not protected from brute force attacks, total lack of SEO/Search Engine Optimization, and other things)! I agreed to lower my hourly rate for him to $60 an hour, and quickly began working away to finish MoverZfax. It wasn’t until about a month and a half later that Dan finally sent me a contract on August 24, 2012, after me insisting; however, he left out one of the most basic clauses—my hourly rate. By this time, I had already put in 101.62 hours of work, which meant that Dan owed me $6097. The fact that he lagged this much to even send me a contract, only for him to finally send a contract with one of the most important clauses missing really raised some red flags. I was just about halfway done with completing MoverZfax, and now I had to contend with the fear of not getting paid for my hard work. To ensure I wouldn’t be left unpaid, I refused to sign this faulty contract and insisted that Dan pay me for the work I had completed before I finish the project. Dan started making excuses about not having any money, and he would have to try to “knock on doors” and “scratch $500 from one door” and more from others. It took him a month to pay me slightly less than half of what he owed me—$3000 on September 20, 2012. Despite my previous concerns of him not paying, I resumed working on MoverZfax even though he did not pay me the full amount he owed me. I saw it as a token of good faith that he paid almost half the amount he owed me. I now realize this was a big mistake. When I first came aboard MoverZfax, Dan only had around 6,000 movers in the database of movers. By October 25, 2012, I increased this number to ensure that every single mover in the United States was in his database—a grand total of 34,848 movers. During the next few weeks, I was going to be busy as I was getting married, so I spoke to Dan to let him know ahead of time, and to lower my already lowered hourly rate even more because I wouldn’t be working for the next few weeks. On November 15, 2012, I spoke to Dan and lowered my hourly rate to $50. I should stress that had Dan not lagged months earlier in paying me, I would have finished MoverZfax before my wedding. Despite this, I still lowered my already lowered rate due to my strong worth ethic. On Christmas day of 2012, I resumed working on MoverZfax. Dan is a hosting re-seller, so he has his own hosting. His hosting does not have the necessary features for MoverZfax to run. I told him he would need to talk to his hosting company and upgrade his hosting with them (I had absolutely no vested interest in him upgrading his hosting as he was already working with a hosting company). Dan would not pay his hosting company to upgrade his hosting to allow MoverZfax to work. His excuse was that it was too expensive and he didn’t want to upgrade until MoverZfax started generating money. To give Dan credit, his hosting company (which I will not mention to protect his privacy) is really overpriced. For the money he is spending on his hosting company, he could work with a number of other hosting companies and get much better features. Regardless, this is not an excuse to not have the needed hosting for his website! Since Dan did not want to get the needed hosting, I gave him an alternate solution. The solution I gave him is wrong in practice—which I explained to him—but the only option at hand since he did not want to upgrade his hosting. I used an old computer of his at his house as a server. This aspect alone, took about 16 hours to implement. I made sure all the files related to MoverZfax were encrypted on Dan’s computer so that even Dan would not be able to access them until paying me the full amount he owed me. By February 17, 2013, I had finished the core site features, and only about 20 hours of work was left to finish and launch the website (securing the website more, fixing forms and other mistakes the previous developers had made). Since I had finished the core features of MoverZfax, and all that was left was cleaning up the mess from previous developers, on February 17, 2013, I asked Dan to pay me the remaining amount he owed me: $9839.33. It wasn’t for another 3 months that Dan paid me a single dime! Finally, after 3 months, on May 17, 2013, he paid me $2000. Only $2000! I refused to work the remaining 20 hours to complete the website until Dan paid me the full amount he owed me. I have been waiting so patiently for him to pay me what he owes me to no avail. When I tried calling him on October 7, 2013, he did not answer, and instead Dan emailed me stating: “Hey Abe I am out of country to seek investment for Moverzfax. Can't answer calls even though I see you called. Will give you updates” The sad thing is that this email was sent from Washington, DC. As far as I know, the capitol of our country (Washington, DC) is in our country! I gave him the benefit of the doubt, assuming that he was out of the country but using a VPN located in Washington, DC for security reasons. After that, I waited and waited, and didn’t receive anything from Dan. Finally, I tried calling him on December 10, 2013. Again, he did not answer. Instead he sent me an email: “Abe I been in Canada for a few weeks already. I lost my uncle, he passed away and been dealing with losing my house. Been working on getting finances taken care of to rake my house out of foreclosure. Its been hard. I can't accept calls when I roam. I am staying at my uncle home to deal with his estate and deal with whatever nightmare I m dealing with Dan Will contact you when I get back to md” I truly felt for him when reading that email. Strangely, he sent that email from Chevy Chase, MD. Last I heard, Maryland is not part of Canada. I emailed him my condolences. This time he replied the following email from HIS HOME ADDRESS on December 11, 2013: “I appreciate your condolences. I was very close to him. He had what we call widow maker. Means his death was very sudden. He was very healthy, exercising everyday, eating right. Not sure what happened. Anyways, once I resolve issues with attorney and his estate, I will be back. I also have to deal with my foreclosure here in USA. Just so much shit yo deal with brother :-( Dan” This email was sent from his home in Gaithersburg, Maryland. How do I know? Because when I was coding MoverZfax, I had to hardcode his home IP address to give it permission to access his hosting server. Dan was definitely not in Canada—Dan was at his house in Maryland! No doubt about it whatsoever. I told him I knew that he was in his house in Maryland and tried calling him over 100 times. He refused to answer, and kept acting like he was in Canada, audaciously sending me this email: “Trying to get to phone booth to call you.” This email was also sent from his home address. During the time I worked on MoverZfax, I turned down other job offers and prioritized MoverZfax. I lost time and money because of Dan. Dan owes me $7839.33 and now he has tried to pull the disappearing act. Even if he has succeeded in ripping me off, I’ll do what I can to make sure Dan does not rip off anyone else. Others should not have to suffer like I did. Upon further investigation, I have uncovered that Dan runs over a dozen websites. He continuously posts ads on Craigslist as well as other sites in an effort to get others to do free, underpaid, or unpaid work for him. Here is some of the information I have unraveled regarding Dan Amzallag. I sincerely hope this information helps others to not get scammed by Dan Amzallag like I was. Business contact information of Dan Amzallag: Business Names: • MoverZfax • Moversfax • ProAce • ProAce International • ProAce International Moving and Storage • ProAce International Moving and Storage LLC • Move Me With Care • Moving U With Care • Fitness Trainers Network • IBEM (Internet Based Email Marketing) • Nationwide Moving Network • Underdog Idols • Relocators Network • Certified Movers Network • CompuMatch • All Fitness Gurus • My Import Export Space • Star Quality Moving And Storage Mailing [business] Addresses: USA Office ProAce International 122 Gold Kettle Drive Gaithersburg, MD 20878 Warehouse Facility 11850 Parklawn Drive, Rockville, MD 20852 Canada Office ProAce International 5616 Randall Avenue Montreal, Quebec, H4V-2W2 Fitness Trainers Network inc. 122 Gold Kettle Drive Gaithersburg, MD 20878 Email Addresses: • • • • • • • • • Phone Numbers: • 866-828-9688 (MoverZfax) • 877-963-7283 (ProAce International & Fitness Trainers Network & ProAce International Moving and Storage LLc) • 301-947-7563 (ProAce International & RelocatorsNetwork) • 801-991-8419 (Fax, ProAce International & Fitness Trainers Network) • 877-963-7283 ( & ProAce International Publishing Group) • 301-947-7563 ( • 877-963-7383 ( • 301-325-1550 (ProAce International Moving and Storage LLc & Fitness Trainers Network & Star Quality Moving And Storage) • 801-991-8419 (Fax, RelocatorsNetwork) Websites Belonging to Dan Amzallag: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Websites [inactive] previously belonging to Dan Amzallag: • • • • • Social media links for Dan Amzallag (only a tiny handful of them): • • • • • • • • • • Relevant keywords of reviews and reports of Dan Amzallag others may be searching for: • MoverZfax (Website movers & moving company reviews/reports) • ProAce International Moving and Storage LLC (Moving and Storage company) • ProAce International (Dan's webdsite hosting company) • ProAce International (business consulting, business publishing, government procurement, social networking media, fitness/nutrition and shopping portal) • Push-Up Press (Patent fitness related) • The American Dream: How to buy or start a business using NONE of your own cash (Book) • Mission Possible: How to Combat Obesity in America (Book) • Gloateus Maximus: Inside lives of personal trainers (Book) • 100 Days or less to reaching YOUR ultimate happiness: The Secrets of the Universe revealed (Book) To see my review in a more easy to read format, please visit: