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Submitted this review about ALL YOU CAN MOVE
Review made Live: 5/3/2013 2:38:00 AM
I checked this site to pick the right movers. It was the worst mistake I ever did. They will be very nice to you and give you a quote saying they are doing this many years and they know what they are doing. Make trust them. They will give you reasonable quote too. 1. per the contract , the person who picks up will call you 48 hours ahead of the pick up date. This guy calls me and told he is here to pick up. No warning or nothing...I agreed for next morning. he said he will come at 9am and came at 12noon with two teenagers who does not know anything about moving to move the whole house. At 11pm, they did not have enough space ( he is accepting moving contract along his way and does not even know how much space he has). I had to throw the rest. several days later, he come to drop it at my hous. Here are my lost items. I have contracted all you can move company to move my stuff from Cordova, TN to Henderson/Las Vegas, NV. The move was full service move (packing, loading, transportation, unloading and unpacking). The mover come on January 1st and came to pick it up and delivered on 1/22/13 There are many items were missing and many are damaged. The transporter said he will look and brought back couple more boxes. Again the following items are missing or damages. Missing and damaged items: Wardrobe boxes (2) – Men 1. 21 pants – 11 khakis, 10 dress pants 2. 26 shirts – 16 half sleeves 10, full sleeves 8 3. 12 t-shirts – 8 t-shirts with collar and 4 without collar 4. Many other items such as traditional men’s cloths are missing 5. 4 suits 6. 3 winter coats 7. 2 light coats 8. 2 sports suits 9. 1 leather coat - black 10. Bag less Vacuum Cleaner -1 11. Room waste bins medium – 5 12. Missing corner table fiber glass top 13. Accent stool -1 14. Damaged women’s wardrobe- complete box 15. Dining room chair – damaged 16. Dining room Glass (60inch) top table missing 17. Scratched sofas and dining table chairs 18. Broken china mirror from inside 19. several bathroom accessories from the master bath room ( A box with towel bar, wall hook, tie and belt holders, ironing organizer, over the door rack with hooks) 20. Sofa has scratches 21. dining table chairs have scratches 22. four wine glasses broken 23. Mirror behind the china was broken too I called them regarding this. They said, you can claim the insurance. I did the claim. DO YOU know what what was there estimate? $116. Anyway, you need to be careful when pick this company. as we are normal folks who wants to just do it right, they just put you in a situation where you know little and they take advantage of that. Just be aware that it is not as rosy as it sounds. If you want to have smooth move just do it yourself in a u haul something and you will have piece of mind. Just hire couple of people to help you loading and unloading. These folks are fake and do not trust them