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Submitted this review about Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage
Review made Live: 12/22/2013 10:59:00 PM
Not just to resonate the praise from other reviewers but please, if you are reading this and looking for A/C services, go with Alpha & Omega. Here is why: 1. Honest straight forward and competitive pricing. I needed asbestos abatement work, and replacement of ducts. Andreas came out from Santa Ana all the way to Walnut to give a very honest and reasonable quote. 2. Complete satisfaction from beginning to end. The abatement service they use is super friendly too (Ron) and these two companies go hand-in-hand to provide the right in the house, they wouldn't dare taking the shoe covers off. They watched all of the newly painted walls as they moved through the hall ways and climbed up into the attic. Not a single damage or ding anywhere. 5. Intelligent planning and quality work. They used excellent quality materials for the ducts (R6 mylar) and with the expertise they have, they immediately knew which area of the house needed larger ducts and how to adjust for balanced and good air flow to maximize the A/C system. Manual air dams were put in junctions so I can adjust airflow to different ducts in the future or they can always come by to adjust for me if I don't feel like going up to the attic. They braced and secured all of the steel ducting in the garage out from the furnace, sealed up the new flues pretty well too. 6. 5 years warranty on their work for the ducting. They know that sometimes as a new home owner, I need to get used to the house and get to know what the different areas of the house will be like in each season. They offer adjustments and also warranty on the duct work as time goes on. Ducts don't really break on their own but they want to take care of their customers, hence the 5 years warranty on the ducting. 7. Friendly and knowledgeable. These guys are super friendly. Not your everyday contractor that comes and sweats and demands free meals or tries to rip you off. They come in with a smile, and I can tell they are genuinely happy to do the work and help me get my A/C working. Through out the day, it got up to 106F and the guys still kept humming along with positive attitude to get the job done and done well. They gave me advices on how to keep the home cool and I in turn asked some questions about keeping the attic cool. They were friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. the only down side was I tried to schedule back in mid August but they could not make it out here until early September but that is when you know they are good because they are in high-demand in this season. Quality work and friendly service will always speaks for itself. In the case of you having never experienced it with Alpha & Omega, let me say that I am sold, and will always call up Meesha for any work needed. A+++++++++++ *these guys are not pricey but they do the best work there is so... why go cheap and risk shotty work?