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Review made Live: 5/15/2012 11:07:00 AM
I had the worst moving experience with their crew and was very disappointed. This was an across town move between a two story and a one story 4 bedroom house. They broke a $700 office chair and a solid cherry desk drawer. There is no point in making a claim because their contract states that they only pay 60 cents per pound on any damaged item, which is abysmal. But that wasn't the only issue for me. The workers took way too long and were very disorganized. It was like they had never moved a 4 bedroom house before. I surmise that they do more apartments and small houses, since they rented the trucks to move me. They took apart shelves that didn't need to be taken apart, which cost me at least an hour of their time. They didn't put the beds back together or the washer and dryer. They wouldn't put things away the way I asked. They made excuses. They wanted to just dump the boxes in the rooms, then take the boxes out of the room they had just put them into to place the furniture. I had made a floor plan of each room and did color coding and they didn't even pay attention to it, for the most part. This cost me at least another hour or two. There was only one person on the crew who seemed to actually care about my possessions--he was the crew leader and did a fine job. The rest didn't seem to even know each other. I was very disappointed that they used tape for everything that I had to unstick off of my stuff, which was very difficult in some cases. Unpacking was very difficult and time consuming for me because of that. I used Two Men and a Truck last year for the same amount of furniture, going from a two story to a two story and it only took them 9 hours. They use that saran wrap type stuff and so none of my possessions were damaged. My unpacking was a breeze because of that. I didn't have a single problem with them and there were no hidden charges or ridiculous 60 cents per pound issues. Nothing was broken. So, even though these guys gave me a much cheaper estimate, they ended up costing me way more (about $2,000 more) because of the crew's incompetence and the items that I needed to either replace or repair. At the end of the day, after 13 HOURS, I was willing to sign anything to get them out of there, so I didn't even look at all the extras I was charged until a couple of days later. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID!!!!